Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have heard such awesome things about this party White Wednesday that I thought I would give it a try!!

I have soooo many white things in my home, and I use white in my work all the time, so why not?

I have had this big bird house for years.  I love the hardware, and the gingerbread trim.  It has been with me for so long, it should have been on my blog earlier!!

It sits high atop my decorative bookcase ladder.  With the high ceilings, it is perfect up there!  

Thanks for visiting!!  
And check out White Wednesday with me.  There are so many awesome whites to see!!


  1. Oh its beautiful Danielle, hope you are having a lovely week my friend
    hugs June x

  2. I love it, Daniella! It is a gorgeous piece and looks great perched up there! (get it-perched/birdhouse-nevermind) xo Diana

  3. This is gorgeous Daniella, I'll have to check this out!

  4. That is one awesome birdhouse! :-)

  5. I totally love that birdhouse! I can't believe you haven't shown us already either! It looks perfect in that spot too! X

  6. Not much white in my home. I'm crazy about birdhouses too. I have a number of them in the yard and on the lanai.