Sunday, March 2, 2014


Altered Book month is just getting started!!  I'm Sharing one of my Art Journals today.  Nothing finer than a row of Art Journals, all finished.  Except maybe a new Art Journal, waiting for your next good prompt!

The journal I'm sharing is from 2010.  It has been my everything Art Journal, made from an old encyclopedia.  
I covered it with sticky paper that you would normally use with your die-cutting machine.  I used gaffers tape where the papers met, and inside on the outter edge of my pages.

So many pages.  So many thoughts!  So many colors and techniques.

Some are just black and white, others have colors and wiggly lines.

And then, there are the pages that hide my secrets.

Until it is so full, it doesn't close anymore!

Which is why you have to remove some of the pages from the book before you begin preparing your pages.  Bound books have long pieces of paper with 2 different pages on it.  It goes from front to back, like a composition notebook.  I remember being in school and trying to rip out a page from a composition notebook, only to have a page in the back fall out.  Of course, I was 6.  So when removing the pages, you need to hold a ruler close to the inside of the page and rip them out that way.  The ruler will keep the binding intact, while leaving you with room to create!  I removed a lot of pages from this poor, unloved encyclopedia from 1980 :(  It was at the Junque Store all by it's self.  The letter "E".  No other volumes were there.  

After I removed the pages (and saved them to use in other projects) I glued 5 pages to each other with a glue stick.  Then I primed them with gesso and used the gaffers tape on the outside edge.  Ready to be used at any time!

Many more Altered Book posts still to come!  You won't want to miss any of them!


  1. I love seeing this journal of yours from 2010. It is such a joy with its bulging pages of creativity my friend. Creative Bliss Dear...

  2. What a wonderful idea, love the look of this, brilliant!!