Saturday, October 4, 2014


Moxxie's new "Racing" line is super fun!  The cool colors and sayings lend itself to many uses!  I went with the neon colors on the "Motocross" paper, and the black from the "Speed" paper and made Neon Mice Racing, instead of car racing!!
Of course, it starts out as a regular accordion card, with cut outs for the "Start ~Your ~Engines"  cardstock stickers.

Because with a piece of bakers twine, I made them able to be flipped to "Go, Caution and Safety!!

Inside, I added a journaling tag from the "Racing Cutouts" sheet.  I also cut out the flags from that sheet and attached them to the top.

But on the back, there is a Neon Mice Race going on!!  Hundreds came out to see the race!  See them all on the top of the card?  Tiny little faces, all watching the Neon Mice!!

I hope this makes you want to make something fun too!!


  1. CLEVER card! Super cute. I know avid racing fans that would really enjoy this card.

  2. Very cute indeed. Mousevelous Dawling! Creative Neon Bliss...