Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hello and thank you for visiting today!!  I have a super fun project to share with you!  I call it "splatter flowers"!  It's a really easy technique that gives big results!


I placed my shell stencil on my watercolor paper and applied molding paste with an old gift card.  I prefer an old key or gift card to apply molding paste because I can cover a large area quickly.  When you are done, remove the stencil and let the molding paste dry.

Now it's time to splatter!!  I used the shell stencil so the paper would have some texture for the paints to move around in.  Add a LOT of water to your Twinkling H2O's (or any watercolors) and dip a round brush in it.  Start with the yellow and splatter all over the paper by tapping the loaded brush all over the paper.  Remember to dip your brush often and continue to add water to the paints.  When the yellow is dry, move on to the yellow-green and do the same thing and let dry.  Now pick 2 of the same color family, get the paints really wet and splatter them in a more concentrated area on the paper.  Do this in 4 separate areas.  *TIP*  You can use inks or spray inks to do this technique too!

I know it looks a little like a hot mess but have faith!  It will be awesome!!  As you see in the 4 areas, the paint really moved around leaving some white areas and some areas where the yellow paint shows through.  I love the 2 areas on the top and the bottom right. The bottom left got too much solid color so I didn't use it for this project, but I saved it to use somewhere else!

Now we stamp!  Attach your stamp to an acrylic block and using the black ColorBox Archival Dye Ink, to ink up your stamps.  This ink is perfect for a watercolor project because it is permanent and won't bleed or smear in wet media.  Stamp a flower over each of the 3 watercolored areas.  I cut the 4 sections apart so they were card sized, and stamped a flower on each.

WOW- I- LOVE- THIS- SO- MUCH!!!  I actually thought I would like this flower least because the leaves wouldn't be green but I was so wrong!!  I like this one best!  The abstract look is fabulous, the texture from the stencil is amazing and the splatter is awesome!!

OK,  It's a tie.  I LOVE the blue flower on the right too!!  Oh which one to like best???  TOO HARD TO CHOOSE!  Because the purple flower is lovely too!

I hope you try this super fun project for yourself!  I can't wait to see what you make!


  1. Awesome, Daniella!!! LOVE how the shell texture adds so much to the bold and beautiful colors of your magnificient flower images. You are so amazing!!!! What a cool effect with the splatters. Very arty.....almost like an updated impressionistic look. So very cool!!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com