Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello to all!!  Hope the weather where you are is warmer than here!!  -1  is a bit much, don't you think?

Although it is cold, the poor squirrels are out.  If any of you remember from my other blog Scrappy Arts N Thoughts , I used to have a little forest in my back yard.  So, I was so sad to move and leave it!!  Even though I have far more property in my new house, I didn't think I'd have my little squirrels anymore.  But today!  They came home!!!  OK.  Maybe they aren't the SAME squirrels, but they are squirrels, and there were 3 of them today right on my back deck.  Here's some pics...

Aren't they adorable???

NOW, on to the Art Journal!!

My friend Marit, who is an AMAZING art journaler, posted the other day about a really wonderful blog Balzer Designs.  It is the official blog for Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. who is awesome!!  And one of the things you can see on her blog is "Art Journal Everyday".  It is here that you will find the coolest thing!!  I'm always making excuses for why I don't have time to create.  The dog ate my homework, the kids are fighting and I have to go break it up, the cat stole my paint,........on and on my excuses go.  Awful.  So Julie has issued a challenge, of sorts to me.  The concept of only 10 minutes a day is always available.  ???  But, but....all of my excuses.????  She is right.  10 minutes.  Everyday.  10 minutes.

So, I really do have a real excuse, I just moved into my new house 10 days ago.  I am trying to "work" with NO SUPPLIES!!!  But I am doing it!!!  I said I would when A Year in the Life of an Art Journal put up their first prompt, and I had to use my 11 year old's school supplies, and I will do this now!!!

These are my first pics.  Julie divided it into 5 categories, and I picked painty.  I did the first 3 of 5 "instructions"  which are to prepare the surface (gesso) and paint with a credit card.  Then, scratch something in with a toothpick 

This is the spread.

Can you see the scratched in words?

Can you see the skeleton????

So, I scratched around the skeleton that was the page to begin with, before I painted on it, and I scratched the words "Inside of Me" on the other side.  I am really happy with how this is turning out!!

I will show you the finished project on Friday!!  Until then, have a fabulous day!

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  1. That page looks so intriguing already dear... can't wait to see where this 'ends'. And the squirrels, how cute! I'm glad you had them "moved with you" ;)