Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A Year in the Life of an Art Journal is a blog, that I've been following since last year.  It is an art journaling blog, where Rachel, the owner of the site, gives us 2 prompts per month, and we do with it what we want.  She also has a bunch of guest designers, who are awesome!!  This year the prompts are given in 3 parts, the prompt, a song, and a product or technique to try.  The first prompt is:
Now, I have to explain some things before showing you what I came up with!!

As you all know, I moved.  I've only been officially moved in for 4 days!!  I packed my art supplies first, because I KNEW, that if I didn't, I would make stuff instead of pack! 

SO.  The first of the year comes, and with it comes the email from A year in the life of an art journal, talking about getting your journal ready.  I  read it, I am jealous.  I packed everything.  I pout about it for a little bit, and, with a sigh, I went back to my packing.

Then, 2 weeks later, I get the next email, which explained the prompt above.  Now, I am angry!  I don't want to wait to unpack (which will not happen until fall), I want to get to work now!  I don't want to be behind!  What do I do????

I go into the boys room.  There HAS to be something in there!!  And there was!!  There was a spiral bound book, with white cardstock weight pages in it, a box of markers, and some random paper from a previous book report.  But, the big item I found was some water colors!!  A strip of watercolors, that children use to paint with.  JACKPOT!!

Now, I felt like this was going to be a challenge!!  And, I liked it!!  I was ready to spend, just a little time a day, for  couple of days and get this done!!

I used the paints first, some on the white pages, some over the papers I put on the page.  I also made a little envelope type thing, that I tied with some rope. Then, I used the paint brush and water to sprinkle some on the water colors so they would run.  Inside, I wrote the things that I want NOW!  And I wrote the word I have for the year.  Last year was positive thinking.  This year it's patience.  I am not patient.  I want everything done NOW.  I don't want to wait for anything.  I'm in a hurry to get somewhere, I'm always trying to get projects done before they are due.  This is bad for me and for everyone.  So, when things are going too slow for me, I have to take a deep breath, and be patient!  Anywho, here is my offering.
Sorry so long, and rambling!  If you are a frequent visitor of my blog you will know, that's just how I roll!!

This page has been on my gallery blog as well, but I wanted to share my crazy story, and post about it too.

Have a fabulous day!!!


  1. I LOVE IT!! I love the process that got you here as well!! I'm so happy you shared with us!!

  2. I've seen this in your gallery, but it's awesome that I get to read the story behind it now! Great take on this first prompt dear! (I'm still working on that myself.. eeckkk) I'm glad to see you blogging too!

  3. Loved reading the story behind the page and great page!

  4. Fab page hun. Good to see you creating again.
    Take care.
    Helen xxx

  5. I totally love that you didn't let a few set backs keep you from creating. Thanks for visiting my blog-I look forward to "getting to know you better". =)

  6. Omg, I would've been the same way, crazy to get creating! I LOVE what you came up with, and may just challenge myself to create a page using only the few supplies YOU have on hand! Your page is gorgeous!!