Friday, June 24, 2011


I am running soooo behind today!!  Don't you just hate days like that???

But, I am happy to say,  I am still on time for Beverly's Pink Saturday!!!!  I am so excited for this party!!  I FINALLY found a cloche!!!  I did!!  I got so much great advice on where to find one, but I am in a very rural location, and I do get to our shopping place, but not as often as I'd like.  It is a long ride, and when I go I have a big list of things to do, and places to go, and I always forget to look for one!!!

Luckily, my friend Cindy Adkins, has an awesome etsy shoppe, and I got one there.  Delivered right to my door.  Perfect!!

I put pink rose petals inside, and pink sheer wire ribbon and my tissue taped stars, with pink spray ink.

Another view.

And this gorgeous piece came with my cloche!!  Cindy sent me this beautiful piece, made on a hard covered book base.  I love the travel theme.  I guess this is my cloche's story!!  The story of it's travels!! 

Have a fabulous pink day!!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday Daniella and your cloche is lovely as is the gift you received from Cindy, also found larger cloches on CSN shopping site, the smaller but tall size is wonderful to stack books tea-cups ect. I'm also behind too and I'm getting my carpet cleaned so I must pick up my space so they can clean. Think of you often and I think I'll put my post up soon! Hugs Marilou

  2. Cindy is the best-est ever! Your cloche is perfect. She always creates such lovelies as gifts. Lucky you.
    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Hi Daniella,
    Happy Pink Saturday! Oh gosh, I LOVE the roses inside the cloche! How perfect! I'm so happy you like the vintage book collage--sending ((hugs))) your way!!!

  4. HPS!

    Wow! That looks great! Cindy has lovely things in her store...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. Hi
    Oh you deserve such beauties in your life. The cloche is amazing with the petals and then the gift Cindy sent. As much as I love Scotland, at times I wish I lived in the USA for the amazing vintage finds that are available.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. Write my email & I'll send you the directions, Daniella ~

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. When you can get things this pretty through the mail, just save your time and gas. A very pretty piece.

  8. Pretty pinks under glass! Thanks for sharing and HPS. Have a lovely weeknd.


  9. I love your new cloche! The pretty pinks look so good in it. The book card is lovely!!!


  10. Can you say gorgeous?! Love this! I'm glad that you found what you were looking for. You have excellent taste.
    Hugs and Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. So glad you found the cloche you wanted and you have done a great job with it. Good deal.

  12. beautiful and wow,, this is amazing that you can do this when you have no time,,

  13. Your cloche looks lovely with it's pretty pink flowers and stars.
    Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend

  14. Daniela, can you believe I just now ordered a cloche from an Etsy shop? I think I am the last soul in Blogland to buy one.....

    Very pretty cloche and goodies!

  15. Love your cloche!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. The cloche found just the right place to stay! It seems like it feels right at home being with you! Enjoy, enjoy dear!

  17. Hi Daniella...the cloche is just perfect and I love the book cover!
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  18. Good Morning,

    It is so beautiful, congrats on the find:-) both you and MariLou are so good about posting early. Today I am running late:-/ but I still got my pinks posted.

    Have a wonderful day and a blessed week!!!
    Love, Light, & Harmony ~ CindyLew

  19. Yeah Daniella, I'm so glad you found your cloche. It looks so pretty with the rose petals, love that collage too.

  20. Happy Pink Saturday Daniella Sweetie...
    Love you creation made by Cindy. She makes the BEST ever. I have several pieces of my own, and love, LOVE each one. She pays such special care to detail.

    Happy your cloche arrived in the mail, just perfect for the occasion today. Thank you for sharing sweet friend. I love your traveling theme as well.

    Have a gorgeous Pink Saturday and a beautiful weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  21. Oh my Daniella, How much paper do I have, one does not want to know, my 3 weaknesses are paper, fabric and trims, ok well 4 or maybe we can lump them all into one I Love supplies and tools to use them. My adult children stopped giving me gift certificates to craft stores, aka, Jo Anne's Micheal's, ect as I guess they think I have enough, Humph, bah hum bug, what do they know, I told them leave me alone, those are the only things I spend $$ on and have fun cleaning out when I'm gone! lol Love ya! Marilou

  22. Such pretties for a wonderful ps post!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  23. Happy belated pink Saturday! I adore your cloche! So pretty with your display too! What a gorgeous piece of mini art to go along with it! X

  24. Love what you did with the cloche! Very pretty!

  25. That is so pretty, Daniella. I would love a cloche, too. And some tea cups. Blogland is making me a little obsessive about wanting things!

  26. Hi Daniella . This is amazing such a clever idea and so pretty, love it oh and the card from Cindy is just so lovely.