Thursday, June 9, 2011



What a beautiful day for a wedding!!  I am so excited to join

Stephanie of Angelic Accents' Annual Wedding Blog Party!! 

What a wonderful way to celebrate our wedding dreams, pictures, and wishes!!

I will be marred 20 years this September!!  How can this be you ask????  I was 21, and my husband was 24.  I was still in college.  I"ve loved him since high school.   It was a really special day.  Since this move, I can't find anything!!!!  4 months now, and I am still trying to dig myself out!!  SO, I only have one picture to show, it is the one I have in a frame. Instead,  here are some pictures of what my wedding might have looked like!!

First, we pick out invitations!!  I had teal trim and lettering, with a rose and pearls.  
Then,  we pick out flowers!  Again, mine were teal with white roses.  My colors were teal and jade!!
Then the place settings.  I made my own centerpieces!!
And last, the cake!!  I had teal frosted roses around the edge of this beautiful white cake.It was a 2 tier cake with champagne glasses holding up the top layer!!
Doesn't everyone have a picture like this?  I do!

Now, this is my actual wedding picture!
If you look at the picture in my "About me" page, I don't look too much different.  Older of course@!@  But I still have dark hair, and the same smile.  My hair is so big in that picture!!  All of my Jersey friends know, big hair is better!!  My scanner was having trouble, so I had to take a picture of my picture!!  How crazy was I?  A headband veil.  A poofy dress with puffy shoulders!!  Roses on those puffy sleeves!!  And the bustle?  WOW!!  GO ME 1991!!

I think this picture shows just how happy we were that day. 

But, if I did it all again, I would have THIS wedding!
What could be better than Hello Kitty and a friend being the best man and the maid of honor!!  THAT would be cool!!!

Enjoy the rest of the party!! Thank you all for visiting me.  I can't wait to see the other blogs!!
Thank you Stephanie for hosting!!


  1. BIG Hair - Yes, I had it too when I got married.

  2. How sweet! I loved this post! Yes my daughter always laughs at my 80's big hair in photos!

  3. Oh my gosh, Daniella, I LOVE this post and your wedding pictures are gorgeous and I love your hair and your dress...You look totally beautiful and so in love...What a gorgeous couple...Thank you SO much for sharing this. It's fantastic! Go you!!!

  4. Hello Daniella,

    You rock on that wedding photo! I also love dancing...Love this post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. such lovely photos,, you look so in love,,what a lovely post,

  6. Daniella, I'm sooo glad you could join us for the Wedding Party! You look absolutely adorable then AND now (poofy was the style then) and the two of you look so much in love! You were a child bride, too, huh?!? I was only 18 myself! Thanks again sweetie for linking up!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  7. You were a beautiful bride, Daniella. I have certainly enjoyed your wedding pictures and feel like a guest!

  8. How sweet Daniella. You were a beautiful bride. This is a great party!

  9. Daniella I think your picture is so beautiful, look at how happy you two are! Thanks for sharing this

  10. Oh -- I was married in 1984 and we had our "own" style nightmares! I think your dress is beautiful and love your veil and headpiece! Today is my 27th anniversary and I posted pics of our wedding on my blog -- time sure flies doesn't it? Thanks for your post!

  11. What sweet photos of you & your hubby! You do look so happy.

    I was married in 1992, so I completely understand about the puffy sleeves & big hair! LOL

  12. Daniella, we seem to have more and more in common. My hubby and I were married in September too! We will be married 32 years this September. I had my son in 1991, the year you got married. We also have a ring picture. I think that was the last time my fingernails looked good :) You two made an elegant couple! Hugs, Terri

  13. So sweet and beautiful bride, also a great dancer! Love your photo!


  14. Hi Daniella,
    I can so relate to moving and not finding anything. Done it so many times. But you sure pulled off a wonderful post in spite of not finding your pics. I love your dancing pic. What a beautiful couple and so in love. Congrats on your 20 years together. Your dress was gorgeous and here in Texas big hair is always in.

    So nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing your special day.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  15. Beautiful post about your wedding. I love how you can tell when a bride was married by the style the gown, the veil and of course the hair style. Hey, I like 'big hair'. Very sweet. Karie

  16. Beautiful wedding memories and picture! Time does have a way of passing too quickly :)

  17. Hi Daniella
    I am not part of this link party but stopping by to see your art and say HI.
    Love those photographs but what is special, you are still in love with the man you married all these years ago, now that is special.

  18. I hope my thirteen year old does not see the Hello Kitty wedding...she'll go nuts! She loves Hello Kitty! :D

    Great wedding pictures. I just noticed that my Follow widget is screwed up. Earlier this week, it was the search widget not working....*sighs*

  19. Great post! Big hair was so cool back then. The bride of a recent wedding I attended kind of had big hair too so I guess it's always vogue. Congrats on 20 years! That's wonderful!

  20. thankyou for visiting today and your kind words,, it means so much,, I'm so glad we have become blogging pals,, I look forward to reading your posts everyday,

  21. I love seeing all of the things you would choose this time. I know your wedding must have been lovely because you were a lovely bride.

  22. What a beautiful bride & wedding. So love that timeless gown. May your next 50 years be as full of love & joys, as your first 20, Daniella. Lovely share ...

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  23. Hi Daniella~
    This is such a wonderful post and I love the big hair!! You are right, big hair is better! I can't believe you did the centerpieces too! The table setting is gorgeous!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy To Have and To Hold!
    many blessings!

  24. Love your wedding picture Daniella, you are such a cute couple! Love the bustle and headband veil too! Great pic's and yes blogger is still messed up as I couldn't follow or link until today! Hugs Marilou

  25. Wow! 20 years! That is wonderful, I totally love that wedding pic of yours!
    That Hello Kitty wedding really made me smile.... How could you not want a wedding like that! X

  26. I love your wedding picture! The happiness and love splashes from the image!!!!! Enjoy your marriage (and the weddingparty) my friend!

  27. Hi Daniella!

    I love this post with you and your hubby on the dance floor. Wedding pictures are always the best!!!

    Hey who said big hair is out in Jersey. lol

    Your Jersey Sister,

  28. Hi Daniella, congrats on 20 years of marriage, not an easy task but well worth it! Your dress and hair and headband were just in vogue in 1991, you should see mine from 1977!! disco! baby blue! We moved 2 years ago and i still can't find my things but when I do I am going to do a
    Stop by today and leave me a comment on the post from 2 weeks ago and follow me (I have a button!) and I am having a giveaway that ends tonight!