Monday, September 12, 2011


What a day to have a not serious fun post!  My posts lately have been crazy, and today it's finally quiet!

First, Cindy Adkins started a new blog called Shabby Chic Girls Club.  It is such a cute blog!  And if you love shabby chic style you have to go visit!!!  Today, I am one of the people she is featuring.  If you remember my  cabinet re-do, that is what she is featuring!
click to enlarge!
Today at Shabby Chic Girls Club, we are taking a virtual trip to Paris, through the art featured!  Totally fun, go check it out!!

Then, the Lovely Dee from A Lapin Life,did a blog post about some things I sent her.  If you remember, I won a FABULOUS burlap sack from her!!  The least I could do is send her something back.  She is awesome and if you've never been to her blog, please go visit!  It is THAT awesome!!!  


  1. I saw the post at Dee's what lovely gifts you sent,, you area real sweetie, what a beautiful cabinet,, any kind of trip to paris sounds good to me , virtual or real,, I'm in!

  2. Hello Daniella,

    Didn't I see this already! LOL! Just kidding you...:o)
    Congrats on the feature!


  3. Congratulations on your feature. I need to go visit this blog. It sounds like one I would *love* I think your cabinet makeover is so cute. No wonder it was featured!!! :D

    Ricki Jill