Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is Zentangle #40 at I Am The Diva.  This weeks prompt was "Pinwheels for Peace".  She even showed us a pinwheel to use as out outline.  Here is my pinwheel.
As you know, I am still a beginner at this.  And because of that, I need to get to know the patterns associated with Zentangles.  So I went to this site that Terrie from Creative Explorer told me to check out.  It is called Tangled Patterns, and they list all of the patterns alphabetically.  So, since this week was my 20TH wedding anniversary, I used my husbands name (Carl) to find my patterns. Counter clockwise from top left
C-Corner box

I hope that using different patterns every week will get me used to making my Zentangle Inspired Art!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your pinwheel turned out great and I love the way you picked new patterns to try out. My only suggestion might be to have alternated the 2 darker, heavier patterns with the light so it went dark, light, dark, light around the pinwheel. Thanks for staying in touch and sharing!

  2. Zentagles are very cool. I haven't tried that yet...

  3. Oh what a great pinwheel, Daniella!! You look like you're a pro at Zentangles!


  4. I've never tried this Daniella - your
    Zentangles look great!!! You don't look like a beginner to me!!!

  5. Daniella~
    You are so good at this! Aren't they fun AND relaxing?! I had the kids at school do some last year. I took pictures of some of them - someday they will be on my blog. Someday I will do more myself. Thanks for the info on where to look.

  6. Great work Daniella. This is something I haven't really tried. Hugs xx

  7. Daniella,
    I've always liked pinwheels! One of my first posts had a picture of a pin wheel with a smily face. That turned out good, and I like how the black and white design weave with eachother.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. Pretty Cool, I love the creativity in them :)

  9. I am beginning to have an addiction to these! :D *nice*