Sunday, March 27, 2011


Of my new studio.  I don't have anything else this week, I've been deathly ill since Thursday evening!  I didn't blog, do any parties, any art,  NOTHING.  ugh.  Then, when I started feeling better yesterday, someone else gets sick!  Double ugh.

I am a faithful follower of Debbie Doo's blog, and I didn't get to participate in her Color party last Friday.  Bad, bad me.  I feel terrible!  Soooo sorry Debbie!!

But, some of the pictures I would have used at that party, I am using today.  They are some parts of the new studio, which is coming along quite nicely, I think.  Mr. took these pictures for me today.

The room is painted with a paint color called "barely pink".  I didn't want the pink to be too much.  I am 41, not 14.  And he put up the beautiful bright white wainscot too.  The pictures are of a few of the accent pieces, and they are painted black.  I love black, and pink.  I also love pretty pink vintage things, with skulls thrown in, like my blog.  I am clearly a weirdo,  but you all know that already don't you??

I don't think the colors are very good in this little corer of the room shot.  Which is why I said them above.

Shelves.  The white basket is part of a set, that will be the only baskets up there, EVENTUALLY!

The closet.  It will have a curtain over it.  EVENTUALLY!  I have my collection of mini doors hanging on the left.

Now this is a very awesome thing.  I found this in my new house!!  It was here, and it wasn't mine.  Mine now!!  It is a metal piece, with a flower in the middle.  I am going to add clothes pins to it and use it like a memo board, or an inspiration board!! 

Thank you for visiting!!  Thank you Debbie for hosting this wonderful party for us newbies every week, you are awesome!    If you are new to my blog, please follow me!  I promise to follow you back!


  1. Hi Newbie, just enjoying the heck out of your blog Miss Daniella, so sorry to hear you were too but getting better this weekend!

  2. So sorry you were sick..everyone is fighting something or another. I am digging the studio thus far. Thanks for joining me this week.

  3. Sorry you've been ill, I've been not so good myself. I'm glad your on the mend.

  4. Hope you feel a little better dear!!! Your studio is coming along nice - I love your colourchoice!!! And that metal piece - WOW! Great idea to make it into a story-board!

  5. hiya , visiting form debbie doo's and am following you , what a great find and good idea to use it as a memo board x tfs , i am going to have a look around your blog now x hope to see you at mine soon

  6. Hi! I have one of those metal flowers and it was given to me as a vase frog... You put it over the top of a wide vase so your flowers don't fall in the vase... but the joy is ... it can be anything you want it to be!!!! X

  7. Hope you feel better soon hun, great idea for memo board will be fabulous! Scarlett x

  8. Daniella, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following - I'm enjoying discovering yours! :-)

    Jem xXx