Friday, March 4, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday!! Thanks so much for visiting me from Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound!  Beverly, the hostess of the party is so awesome!!  Please visit her first!  Just click the link above!!!

So, I have another collection to show you.  I know, it's like my 100th collection.  And when I collect something, I go all out!  This is just a very small sampling of my Depression Glass collection.  If you don't know, Depression Glass is glass from the great depression.  It was given away at gas stations and stuff as a prize when you spent so much money, or gathered enough green stamps at the grocery store, stuff like that.  And, this glass is beautiful!  There are tons of patterns, and millions of collectors.  I have several different patterns that I collect, and I also collect kitchen glass.  Remember that I just moved, so my collection is all stored everywhere.  I did, however, keep the special glass that I keep in a cabinet marked separately, and I have put it out.  My cabinet is another story, maybe I'll explain how I got that and what I did to it another day.  Today, I am showing the shelf that has my favorite pink glass pieces!
This is a picture of the shelf that holds the pink glass.  There are plates, that are called "Jubilee blanks".  That means that they were made fancy by using a machine wheel to make the etching on the plates.  Jubilee isn't usually wheel cut, so these are really special.  on the left in the front is a mayonnaise bowl with ladle, that is etched the same way.  The little glasses are also matching.  My fav!!

This is a butter dish, in the "Miss America" pattern.  I also have a bowl.  I just think it is sooo pretty!

Now this is one of my absolute favorites!!  It is another mayonnaise bowl, with plate and ladle, in the "Lotus" pattern.  VERY hard to find!!  I have many Lotus pieces, in different colors.  Fabulous!

So, why did I say "Pink?" in my title.  I am not the best photographer, as I've said before, and this glass is very translucent, so with the wood background, it almost doesn't look pink to me!  Not sure what color it looks like to you, but tell me what you think!

AND, if anyone else collects depression glass, and knows more about it than I do, Please tell me! I know I am not the authority on this subject.  If I've named a wrong pattern or something, fill me in!  And tell me where I can find you, so I can see your glass!!

Have fun visiting all of Beverly's party participants!!


  1. Pretty have a special something over at my giveaway blog:)

  2. Nice glass Daniella, you amaze me with you collections! And then art too, you are awesome! Hugs Marilou I need to get a quick post up I have had Grandkid all day and I'm oh so tired! xoxo

  3. So pretty! Your butter dish is Holiday from Jeannette. Your collection looks like so much fun. I always like seeing another post with depression glass!

  4. Depression glass is just so pretty. I love the green the best, but your pink is gorgeous. I wish I had collected this many years ago. What a wonderful collection you have.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  5. Depression glass is so perfect for Pink Saturday. I only have a few pieces but love seeing all of yours especially that lotus bowl! WOW

  6. Exquisite! I especially like the mayonnaise bowl; I never knew of such a thing. HPS!

  7. Hi Daniella I have some pieces of Pink Depression Glass. I'm no authority on them either. I just like looking at my Pink glass! Mary

  8. Don't you just love depression glass?? I collect it too and I have quite a few pink pieces!


  9. The lotus mayonnaise bowl is gorgeous. I adore pink Depression glass. You have some wonderful pieces. Have a great weekend.

  10. I agree the lotus mayonnaise bowl is my favourite too:)

  11. Love depression glass. I had some pink once, but don't know what happened to it. Love the lotus bowl. Happy pink Saturday,

    Lisa x

  12. Happy Pink Saturday!

    You have such a great collection! My favorites are the glasses and plates.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  13. I think it's fun to have pink depression glass in the Miss America pattern. How much fun is that!!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Wow Danielle... what a marvelous collection!!! I have some coloured glass pieces myself - but I don't really collect and I never heard of 'depression glass'. It looks fabulous! I can imagine the colour... it looks a bit salmon on these pics.

  15. Depression glass is so pretty. You have a beautiful collection.

  16. Love the pieces, and hope you'll be unpacked and showing them all soon.

    A friend has a little mayonnaise bowl with ladle, and I find it charming that that one item has the glass ladle, for silver matched with eggs will tarnish just during the course of one party.

  17. Have a restful weekend Daniella, I think I have a pedestal cake stand like it too! Boy it is getting hard to keep up with Art, blogging and Fb all at once, I'm now behind on creating, I need to find some balance! hugs again Marilou

  18. Hi Daniella,

    Just posted your three comments. LOL.

    OK, to your q's:
    Yes, collage is perfectly acceptable art form for CREATIVE TEUSDAYS. The only ones that aren't is strict photography and /or writing as we all already do that for our blogs anyway. When the due date comes, simply sign in with a link to the post that has your art breakfast theme art work which you can put up any time you like. Then we go visit each other and the following day I'll post a montage of the collected works along with a new theme which again will be two weeks away.

    As for the side bar icon, just download it from my blog, add it to your sidebar (if you want) by using the "Add gadget" feature which it looks like you;ve used before for other items here. Link back to my blog. Than't it. Thanks for doing that.

    the other thing I should note, in case you did not see it, is that periodically, usually about every quarter, I add up all who have added pieces for the themes. Each person gets one entry into a prize drwaing fro each piece adn an extra point if they've done one entry for each theme in that time period adn another if they link back to my blog with the CT icon on heir site somewhere. If you go look on the CT page on my site you can see at the bottom, some of the prizes I've given away jsut for the fun of it.

    Thank you for playing along. And yes, of course, you are plenty good enough to join in. ther eis no minimum standard required, simply just reflecting on the particular theme and taking that chacne to be creative with it in whatever way you see fit.

    My personal favourite part about C.T. is seeing how each person interprets the same theme and the camaraderie we build for those who fully participate.

    PK, PHEW!! on e long reply there for you. TY for your interest. :) Keep it up. :)