Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Welcome!!  I have a wonderful page that I made from the prompt at A year in the life of an art journal.  They always give the prompts in 3 parts.  The prompt, a song, and a technique.  This time, they were:

Prompt: Confidence Shot
Song: Strut by Adam Lambert
Technique: Eye Shadow

I have NO pictures of myself being confident.  I hate having my picture taken!  And I know Adam Lambert from American Idol, but he isn't my type of music.  And I have NO idea what "eye shadow" as a technique is, so this is what I did.

When I think of the word "strut" I think of a peacock.  I can't be sure if it the typical strutting bird, but I thought it was.  You all can let me know!  I got this image from copyright free yahoo pictures.  Then, I found this walk way there too, and an idea was forming in my little head!  A peacock strutting down a walkway, awesome!!  And since this is my take on the prompt, I used some lyrics from the song, so I used a mask to ink around and make the background music.  After I did the background, I made circles with an eye type thing, like the peacock has on his feathers, as a border around the page.  I attached my awesome peacock, and his walkway, and used my new fav marker, the fine tip sharpie, to outline that.  I made my title and words with my blue micron pen, and this page is done!!

Now, I have 2 more things to tell you.  First, I have 99 followers!  I love all of you!!  I am wondering, who wants to me #100?  How cool would that be?  I almost want to follow myself so I can be #100!!  I will have a giveaway soon, but everything is still so crazy right now.  But watch for it!!

And second, I am FINALLY moving my last 5 totes into the studio!  NO, it isn't finished, but it is good enough to work in, and get all of my junk out of my living room!!  SO, while I am "moving" in, I will not have supplies for creating for a week or so.  I will still be blogging, just  not really making much.  I am keeping my sketch book out, so I can continue my doodles, but everything will be moving to it's proper place.  Then, there will be no stopping me!!!

I hope you enjoy my art journa page, and thanks for visiting!  Remember, I will still be bloginng!!  And catch up on my visiting!!  See ya then!


  1. Congratulations on almost 100! That's terrific. Your blog is so fun! I love a strutting peacock, too!!! and i love the page!

  2. Love the peacock!! Your page looks great!

  3. Your at 101 now girl..congrats.

  4. What a great idea to use a peacock!!! It perfectly fits with 'strut' (at least to me it does - and to you, ha!) I love the bird on the catwalk!!! And fine point poster sharpies are my faves since I won one online - you can't buy those in Holland so I'm pretty jealous of you...

    And right now, you have 102 followers!!! YEAY!!!

  5. I like your page a lot, and I adore Adam Lambert. You go girl, Wish I had 100 followers myself. Please go be a follower there too!

  6. I love it! I also love Adam Lambert and his music.... you incorporated it so well! The peacock was an awesome idea!

  7. Wow... wow... WOW!!! Love this page and to use the peacock is a brilliant idea!!

  8. I love that peacock!!! What a great page! X