Friday, January 27, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!
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So here is some fun news!!   Cindy Adkins has written another book!  It is called "Do You Need a Hug From Heaven".  It is a compilation of inspirational stories from people who have had something happen that there is no logical explanation for.  It had to be an angel!  What else could it be???
I happen to have a story like that, and after I told Cindy, she put it in her book!!
I had a very serious accident with my children in the car and somehow, we were saved.  It really was a miracle.  It had to be!!!
But, I can't tell you the whole story!!  You have to get the book to see the rest!!!
It is available through Amazon.  It is an E-Book, so you need a reader, or you can just download it right to your computer!!  It is easy peasy!!

I hope you have an awesome weekend!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I made this little book for June of Dezinaworld.  It is just a mini book using the "Total Grunge 2" sheet.  I think it is super cute!!

So the big news is that June has made all of the college sheets on Dezinaworld FREE FOREVER!!!!  Yes, she did!  Is that crazy or what?  I know I love working with college sheets, and a lot of you do too,  so check it out on the Dezinaworld blog.

A lovely lady named Patti from Ivy and Elephants asked me to join her Wednesday party!  Wasn't that sweet?  It is just a fun party for anything you are proud of!  Something you made, something you found, something you bought, you get the idea!!  I am going to link this post up and when I get all of the details and the button I will fill you in!!

Have an awesome day, and link up what you are doing to Ivy and Elephants!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday!!  Hope you've all had a wonderful week!  Please remember to visit our awesome host Beverly's blog!

Last week, my husband brought me home these beautiful roses!  2 doze  for no reason.  I love it when he does things like that.  And they are such a beautiful pink color too!!

I am going to save a bunch of the petals to use in my flower press that I won from Gabriela Delworth a while ago, with her book.  I will see what awesomeness I can make with them.

Have a fabulous weekend.  We are expecting snow tonight.  Not that I love snow, but it has only snowed here once, and in October. That is unusual, but what is even more unusual is that we haven't had any since!!  It makes me afraid it is going to snow every day for a month soon!

Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have heard such awesome things about this party White Wednesday that I thought I would give it a try!!

I have soooo many white things in my home, and I use white in my work all the time, so why not?

I have had this big bird house for years.  I love the hardware, and the gingerbread trim.  It has been with me for so long, it should have been on my blog earlier!!

It sits high atop my decorative bookcase ladder.  With the high ceilings, it is perfect up there!  

Thanks for visiting!!  
And check out White Wednesday with me.  There are so many awesome whites to see!!


It is soooo good to be back with the awesome Creative Tuesday!!  I have missed just being able to create with this co-op group!!  Everyone there is awesome  and amazing artists.  Be sure to check them out!

Our theme was "BUBBLEGUM".

I made this gumball machine.  I am not known for my drawing!!  But I just had to "free hand" the base, and I used a penny to trace the circles for the gumballs.  I'm thinking I am such a genius!!!  Then, I colored it in with my pencils.  Sweet!  BUT, then I took it too far.  

Do you ever create something and you just can't leave well enough alone?  That happened with this piece.  It was all outlined with colored pencils, and it looked great.  But I then said "why not outline it in marker?".  It might not look that bad from the view above, but if you enlarge it by clicking, you will see how I went off the lines with the marker, and how I think I forgot a few, and......

I should have left it alone!!  

Have a fabulous day!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!  I hope you are visiting me from .Miss Beverly's blog  She is the hostess with the mostest!!

My pink is a gift I got last week from my guy's.  She is my newest addition to my ever growing collection!

She is from Build a Bear, and they have made her fur pink with sparkly thread in it too.  And it has a quilted look to it.  Her fancy dress and shoes are the perfect addition!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


How is everyone doing this week?  I can't believe it's Tuesday afternoon.  I swear I'm going crazy! Time keeps slipping away on me!!

In the mail, I got 2 awesome things!  First, Melody of Brown Gingham Creations sent me this beautiful vintage hankie, that she then embroidered on.  She is so thoughtful!  She remembered that my house's colors are blue, brown and a touch of white.  She waited, looking for just the perfect brown vintage hankie to work on.  And went over some of the leaves in blue, brow, and white thread.

I tried to zoom in a bit to show the beautiful embroidery.

She even put a little wood leaf on each corner!
I can't wait to use it, as soon as the Christmas stuff is all put away this weekend.
Thank you so much Melody!!

Then, I got the purse I ordered from  I was so lucky to win a gift certificate from a contest at Cindy Adkins blog!  It was for $37.50!  Awesome!  Novica is another handmade goods site.  I picked out a super cute purse, and it came yesterday!
Look at how pretty it was wrapped!

Is that not the cutest bag?  It is really big, cotton fibers, it has a zipper and magnet closure and and a zip pocket inside too!

These bells on the outside pocket are supposed to be lucky!

The cute pom-poms just make it cuter!!
Thank you Cindy!!  It was so fun to win and get to pick my prize!!

And that's what's up with me!!!  How about you????

Friday, January 6, 2012


Hello everyone!  Have you had a great first week of the new year?  I hope so!!

I seem to have this "bug" that is going around.  As I jump from blog to blog, I keep seeing that people are sick!  Not a fun way to start the year for sure!  But, I am getting better and I had time to make something while laying in bed,

This was originally a snowman clip.  I painted it, and added all sorts of things to it, to make it more my style!! I added an image from Dezinaworld.  She is from the "winter warmers" collage sheet that will be available on the 11th.

This is a side/back view.

And this is the tag to put in the clip.  She is from the same set from Dezinaworld.
And this is when you clip them together!  Pretty and cool don't you think?

So, go visit the lovely Beverly, and see all the lovely pinks!!
Have an awesome weekend!!

Monday, January 2, 2012


 How is everyone!!  I hope you had fabulous holidays!!

We had a wonderful holiday.  Thank you for all of your cards!!  You are all awesome!!

I'm just showing a few pics from Christmas.

My boys with their NFL team Santa hats.

Another picture of my "boys".  Marshall is on the left, and Robert on the right,  
Do you now see why I call them Large and Small?  They are only 2 1/2 years apart, but Large looks like he is going to eat small!!  Listen, no one will ever call Large thin, but he isn't fat either.  He is just a HUGE kid!  He is 15, small is 12 (soon to be 13 yikes!).  They are both so awesome!  So smart (high honor roll), funny, HANDSOME, and the best sons in the world!! *sorry, I'm a proud Mama!!*

Me and the Mister.  

And another. Mister isn't looking forward, but I think I look better in this one!  *giggle*.

Now, I am off to tackle my blog list and say hello!!  See you soon!!