Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Welcome to WOYWW's 3rd Anniversary!  Click the link to see Julia's blog and see what the fuss is all about!!

In honor of  the anniversary, we are having an ATC swap too!  But first, the desk....

I just moved everything to the side so you could see the finished ATC's.  I only finished this morning!
Do you see my badge on the shelf???

I made a set of 6 using the "Adventures in Oz" collage sheet from Altered Arts.  It was on my desk last week too.  I just loved these images!!  I added paint to the background of some, and papers on the background of others.  Then the images and some flowers and small touches.  I had these letter beads and I wrote "OZ" on 5 of the cards.  I didn't have another Z or N for the last one!  I had to use a sideways N for some.

Today I find out who I send one too!  I hope you like it!!

Forgive me if I don't visit you this week.  I have 2 appointments today and my large son is getting a big academic award today too so I will be busy.  But thank you for visiting me and I will try to see you!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Happy Weekend everyone!!  The fabulous Beverly is celebrating Pink Saturday's 4th anniversary!  Please be sure to visit and say Happy Anniversary!!

Before I go on, I have to say that blogger has done it again!!!! UGH!!!!!  My followers are gone, and so is my blog roll.  I am trying to make a new blog list by memory and I've only just begun, so if your blog isn't there DON'T WORRY!  I still love ya!  I just have to put you all back in.  And as for the followers, I'm thinking of dropping that whole thing.  Blogger makes it a pain, and I am also part of Network Blogs, And Link-something???  But it is just a hassle.  I know you like me, and I won't stop following people, but just stop having it here.  What do you think????

So, I said when I got to 300 followers, I was going to have a giveaway.  Instead, I will just have a giveaway in like 2 weeks.  So stay tuned for that.

But speaking of giveaways, I won Marilou's (of Lulu's Lovlies) 300 follower giveaway!!  How awesome for me!!  Her work is amazing!  Here is what I won. (and what is pink in this post)

Inside the box was this gorgeous gold package and one of her famous eggs in a nest!

A closer look at the egg and nest

But just look at this egg!  It looks like there is quilling all over it, and the beautiful flowers, leaves and butterfly, STUNNING!!  How gorgeous would this look in a cloche!  

Inside the gold package was all of  this awesome stuff!!  Marilou saw on my blog a few weeks back that I was doing Halloween stuff (because I am wacky that way), so she sent me all of this crafty stuff!!  I love those little paper pumpkin bags, and the star boxes!  The doilies and papers and album and embellishments are all wonderful and I will have a blast playing with them!!

Thank you so much Marilou!  And have a wonderful anniversary Beverly!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's time for another WOYWW!!!  The lovely Julia brings us together every week so we can peek at other people's desks!!  I love it!!

I haven't been to my desk since this weekend.  I had to make my ATC for the annual ATC swap for WOYWW.  I have my cards done, and ready for postage!  I didn't take a picture, but I do have a pic of the collage sheet I used.

Not a very messy desk for a change.

This is the collage sheet is from the "Dorothy's adventures in Oz" kit from Altered Arts Magazine's Kit Club.  I used these images on my ATC's.

I am getting close to 300 followers, and I always have a giveaway when I reach a milestone.  I have a brand new stamping and cleaning set from Ranger that I will be giving away in the next few weeks.  The lovely Julia said she would tell you all when for me in her WOYWW post that week.  I hope you will help me get to 300 as soon as possible!!  I will ship to any country!!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Can you believe it?  Pink Saturday is having it's 4th anniversary party!!
I made this card for the occasion!!
Thank you Beverly for starting this awesome party!
Here's to many more anniversary's!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Hello everyone!  It feels awesome to be back for PINK SATURDAY!  Thank you so much Beverly for hosting!!

I have been in a state of chaos lately!  So I have not been the best blogger :(   I am trying to jump back in!!  But it seems something always gets in the way!!  

Today, I woke up late.  Then I made coffee and when I was 3/4 of the way done, I noticed something gross was in the cup!  Then, the dog pee'd on the floor, I burnt my forehead again with the curling iron, and the cat actually pee'd on the dog's bed !!  There is more, but no need to carry on about it!!! LOL!!  

I also want to thank the awesome MariLou!!  I won her giveaway!!  See how awesome blogging is?  We make connections that last, even when one of us has to be away for a spell,  I love that!!

This flower is for all of you who put up with my insanity!  I {Heart} you all!!  And have a beautiful Mother's Day too!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's time for another WOYWW!!  You can check out Julia's blog to find out what I'm talking about!!

Here is my mess.  On the left, I am working on some tags for Dezinaworld.  On the right, I am working on pages for my art journal.  I found this poem/saying?  Author unknown (if you know about this, please tell me so I can give credit!).
"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over...
She turned into a Butterfly"
I just love that!  So I am putting it into my art journal!

This is a view from the side.  I was trying to get as much of my mess desk as I could!!
Last week, one person noticed my Hello Kitty's on the desk.  Jo, from JoZart Designs, left me a comment that said:
 I love Kitty peeping over in triplicate to say "Hello" at the back!!!
Thank you for noticing Jo!!

So go and check out everyone's work desk today!!  Visit Julia at the top first to check us out!!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hello again and welcome to another WOYWW!  Thank you Julia for hosting!!  Wanna know what I'm talkin' about?  Click the link and check it out!!

My desk may be a bit confusing (and messy!).  Here it is...

OK.  You see an odd mess.  I tried to get a better closer pic.

Yes.  I am working on some things for Halloween.  I KNOW it is May!!  But when I was cleaning my huge mess up a few weeks ago, I organized it and cleaned it and I am so happy about that.  I know it is still messy, but it is being used to make awesome stuff!!  Anyway, I organized my Halloween and Christmas things, and put them in their own cases.  And there was a Pink Paislee "Phantom" kit that I got after last Halloween (because it was on sale of course!), and it has such cool stuff in it so I just had to use it!!

I love making my own rolled flowers, so I made some of them, and double stamped the spooky skull so I could layer it and got out the gauze to add character to the card.  I also love Tim Holtz Grunge Board so I used 2 skulls from that and I painted them white.  It isn't finished, but I like where it is going!!  I am still working on this and some other stuff.  I just took a break to get this blog post up!

It came with some acetate and I plan on stamping and using alcohol inks on them.  AWESOME!!

Have a great party everyone!  I am still really new to this party and I know lots of new people visit, so if you like what you see and want to follow me, I promise to follow you back!!

Can't wait to see what's on your work desk!!