Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi and thanks for visiting me for this WOYWW!  Please click the link and visit the lovely Julia to see what I'm talking about!!!

Here is my desk.
I am covering up work that is SECRET!!!  But I want to tell you about 2 things in this picture.
The first is the 4 pack of  glue runners.  They were at TJ Maxx for $5.  What the heck???  For those of you who don't know, TJ Maxx is a clothing/home goods type of store and they do not offer crafty things.  Why did they have these glue runners?  I don't know but I grabbed them quick!!  $1.25 a roll!  screaming deal for 100 feet!!!!  

The other thing is the droppers behind the glue runners.  There are 2 in a pack and they were $1.  Was it a bargain?  I have no idea.  But they will be great with my splash inks and other things.  I'm always looking for droppers and since they were $1, I bought 4.

That's all here.  Thank you so much for visiting and enjoy the party!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I got an email today from a friend who lives in Germany, and she said I won her giveaway!!  I will be getting 2 of her handmade postcards, her handmade earrings, and  a soldered pendant that she made.  She is an incredible artist!!  I only wish I had a fraction of her talent!  And I am so honored to own the pieces she is giving me!  Her name is Gaby and her blog is Colorful Adventures.  Please click the link to her blog!  You will be so happy you did.
Thank you Gaby!!!

Now to the fun card!!
Since Chinese New Year just passed, I thought it would be fun to make something about it.  I got the book paper, circle of Chinese writing, the "year of the snake" graphic from a collage sheet and the gold bits too from Altered Pages.  I'm telling you they have EVERYTHING!!  If you need anything at all for your art, I'm sure they have it!!
I hope you think this is a fun card!!  Wonder who I will send it too??

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello my WOYWW friends!!  Want to join the party?  Start at the lovely Julia's blog to find out how!!

After my excitement yesterday, I'm so ready to party!!
Here is my desk:
I always show my desk like this.  A huge mess!!  My badge is on the desk with this mess too, poor badge!!  But today I will show you what I made too.

I made this banner for Altered Arts Magazine.  I used the flags from Canvas Corp, 7Gypsies chain, hangers and stamps, Prima Inks and flowers and some embossed metal little pieces in the middle of the outer flags.  I think it's really fun looking!!

Enjoy the peeking!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Yes my friends, It's true! Somerset Studio published my work!!  I still can not believe they published me again!  It never sinks in that they like me.  I see it, but don't understand it.  I am my worst critic. The call was for whimsical work.  I made this insane purple tree and almost threw it away!  I thought to myself "you have gone too far with this one!!  Guess I was wrong.

I am page 122.  2 Pieces on one page!  Unreal!!!

Close up of purple tree.  You can see my name on the left with my instructions on how you can make this same piece!  It is really called "Live With Imagination".  THIS piece really is living with imagination!!

This is a close up of "Home". This one I really liked.  It is a backward canvas.  I had fun doodling and painting with pastel colors.

But they put the "Live With Imagination" tree in the table of contents!!  I guess they liked it that much!! Goes to show, just because I think it stinks doesn't mean everyone else will!!  Don't be a chicken.  Let the art do it's job.  Let it make someone happy.  Give it a chance to be special before you toss it out!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Wishing you a day filled with love
and lots of chocolate!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


On Monday, I said I was going to do a post on Tuesday about "Renovating".  After thinking about it, I think it will be better for a later time. That being said, lets move on to the reason we are here.

It is WOYWW!!! The day we get to snoop at desks across the globe.  Please click the link to find out what it's all about!!!

Here is my desk.
I  am still organizing my stamps.  The unmounted rubber stamps are being put into CD cases.  My husband's step father moved across the country and didn't want to take all of his CD's with him.  So he gave them to my husband.  Lovely sentiment, but we really aren't into his music.  He doesn't read my blog, so I can say that here!!  BUT, how handy are the cases!  Just take the black part out, instant stamp case!!

And here we have the Hello Kitty's they are offering at Mc Donalds right now.  As soon as I saw the commercial on TV, I went there and bought all of them!!  We (my family) really don't eat that kind of food.  Not that I am above eating fast food!!  It is super fun once in a while, but that just isn't our favorite one.  Sorry to them,and all of you who love it!! But for Hello Kitty?  I will go!!

Now go and enjoy snooping!!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I have mentioned working for Altered Arts Magazine before, I'm sure.  But now, I have a couple of "new" jobs too.

With the Magazine came the Kit Club that the magazine owned.  But the Magazine sold the club to Altered Pages and  with that sale came me!!  LOL!!  I was asked by Altered Pages to stay on designing for the idea book that comes with the kit.  I said yes, of course.  And that brought me to design for Altered Pages too!!!  They are an online store that sells fabulous art supplies at insanely low prices.

OK, so Altered Pages also has a Challenge Blog.  Every month they give a theme, and the design team makes a sample for all of  you as inspiration.  This month's theme is Red Heart/Golden Festival.  YOU can win a prize if you link up to the challenge!  And, I can win a prize too, if you go HERE and vote for me!!!  Sweet deal, right???

Here is my piece.  I am giving it to my husband for Valentines Day
It is a library pocket and tag.  Most Valentines seem so girly, don't they?  I stamped an Italian poetry stamp on the whole pocket, and painted the whole pocket with NIJI watercolor paint.   Then I put a metal pen nib on it pointing to the day.  Fun, right?

I painted the tag with the watercolor paints again so it shimmers.  The tag has a jar stamped on it and I stamped 2 hearts and cut them out and put them inside with foam dots.  It says "I love you" on the bottom.

SO there it is.  The story if my recent travels!!!  I'm just starting to get used to my new routine.  Remember, Time Management and Priorities! 

I hope you join us!!  Just click the link above. 

I will be back to tell you about my whole house renovation tomorrow!

Thursday, February 7, 2013



I said my new year's resolution was to have better time management.  I bought a date book to  write everything down.  I said I was going to do projects before they were due, and not take on more than I could chew.

That has been an epic fail so far.
I am trying, I really am, but I end up doing projects that I don't really need to  do, and I end up backed up again.

So, in addition to my time management, I have to prioritize.  And effective yesterday, I have done that.

I have to blog more, visit more blogs, return emails as soon as I get them, and take a little time each day to work on projects.

I made a new list of priorities.  I hope by Monday I will be on track!! 

I have to be because I am making both blogging and creating a total drag right now.  That is not how I want to live.

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hello and welcome to my desk!!  Today is our day to snoop at all the desks in blogland!!  Just visit Julia to find out how.

Here is my desk
I have my badge front and center!!  And I am doing a Halloween thing again!  What is up with me?  I used  Stickles on the moon and the water behind this transparency.  I like how it came out.  On the left I have my awesome paints I got from Altered pages that are AWESOME!  I also got my Splash inks from them too, but I haven't had time to use them yet.  I plan on using them this week.

Have fun peeking!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


It was also Groundhog Day yesterday and I am so HAPPY!!!  Phil said we would get an early spring!!  And here in northern NJ, we need it!!

So today is Superbowl, and I have 3 "men" here so it is a big deal.  I enjoy a good football game too, and we always make a "bet" on which team will win.  It is our customary bet, 1 Quarter.  And we also get, what we call, the BIG SANDWICH!!  It is a braided ring bread sandwich full of delicious lunch meat.  YUM. But it really isn't that big.  Just enough for us to enjoy from lunch time till bedtime.  That is the best part of Superbowl Sunday here!!

I also made a sweet mini book for Altered Arts Magazine.  It is a little altered book and there is space in the top to change the picture to whoever you want.  I think it has a travel feel to it.  I used products from 7 Gypsies, the oval frame, the clear stamps and the paper tape.  And products from Prima, like the inks and the flower. The inside paper is my own monoprinted paper.  And there are all sorts of bits that I added to it.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend!!  Enjoy the Superbowl!!