Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Welcome!!  I have a wonderful page that I made from the prompt at A year in the life of an art journal.  They always give the prompts in 3 parts.  The prompt, a song, and a technique.  This time, they were:

Prompt: Confidence Shot
Song: Strut by Adam Lambert
Technique: Eye Shadow

I have NO pictures of myself being confident.  I hate having my picture taken!  And I know Adam Lambert from American Idol, but he isn't my type of music.  And I have NO idea what "eye shadow" as a technique is, so this is what I did.

When I think of the word "strut" I think of a peacock.  I can't be sure if it the typical strutting bird, but I thought it was.  You all can let me know!  I got this image from copyright free yahoo pictures.  Then, I found this walk way there too, and an idea was forming in my little head!  A peacock strutting down a walkway, awesome!!  And since this is my take on the prompt, I used some lyrics from the song, so I used a mask to ink around and make the background music.  After I did the background, I made circles with an eye type thing, like the peacock has on his feathers, as a border around the page.  I attached my awesome peacock, and his walkway, and used my new fav marker, the fine tip sharpie, to outline that.  I made my title and words with my blue micron pen, and this page is done!!

Now, I have 2 more things to tell you.  First, I have 99 followers!  I love all of you!!  I am wondering, who wants to me #100?  How cool would that be?  I almost want to follow myself so I can be #100!!  I will have a giveaway soon, but everything is still so crazy right now.  But watch for it!!

And second, I am FINALLY moving my last 5 totes into the studio!  NO, it isn't finished, but it is good enough to work in, and get all of my junk out of my living room!!  SO, while I am "moving" in, I will not have supplies for creating for a week or so.  I will still be blogging, just  not really making much.  I am keeping my sketch book out, so I can continue my doodles, but everything will be moving to it's proper place.  Then, there will be no stopping me!!!

I hope you enjoy my art journa page, and thanks for visiting!  Remember, I will still be bloginng!!  And catch up on my visiting!!  See ya then!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Creative Tuesdays is a fabulous blog, that gives us a prompt every 2 weeks, to do with as we wish.  I, of course, look like a 3rd grader next to these amazing women!  Our prompt was "Spring".   And, with that said, look at what I did.

I know, your 5 year old brought home  this very same picture!!
I tried to actually draw a spring.  But, it looked even more ridiculous.  So, I went with the idea that tulips are one of the first flowers to pop up.  Even when there is still snow on the ground.  All of the bulb plants, I think?  I used my new, AWESOME, watercolor crayons to make the sky and grass, and I used pretty pink for the butterfly stencil I made myself (thankyouverymuch), but my favorite part is the paper tulips that I made.

I cut out each piece on card stock, then cut out each piece of book paper and used a mini glue dot to stick them togethher.  I used pink ink again, and rolled down the book paper pieces.  Me, thinking I'm a genius for coming up with this idea, soon realized it would take 7 weeks to make a whole field of them, which was my original idea.  So, plan B.  I made 2.  And used green ric rak ribbon for the stem.

As I am not an actual sketchbook artist, I did my very best!!!  I REALLY wanted to add doodles, and a frame around the page, and, and, and but, I stoped myself and left my 3rd grade style picture as it is.

I really can't wait to hear what you think.  Because I've already told you what I think!!!!!  But, this group of talented people really inspire me, to want to try to do somethig different, for me.  Hopefully, in time, I will find far more creative ways to do my own art.  I am looking forward to that!!

Have an awesome day!  I will return with my "Art Journal Wednesday" post tomorrow!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Of my new studio.  I don't have anything else this week, I've been deathly ill since Thursday evening!  I didn't blog, do any parties, any art,  NOTHING.  ugh.  Then, when I started feeling better yesterday, someone else gets sick!  Double ugh.

I am a faithful follower of Debbie Doo's blog, and I didn't get to participate in her Color party last Friday.  Bad, bad me.  I feel terrible!  Soooo sorry Debbie!!

But, some of the pictures I would have used at that party, I am using today.  They are some parts of the new studio, which is coming along quite nicely, I think.  Mr. took these pictures for me today.

The room is painted with a paint color called "barely pink".  I didn't want the pink to be too much.  I am 41, not 14.  And he put up the beautiful bright white wainscot too.  The pictures are of a few of the accent pieces, and they are painted black.  I love black, and pink.  I also love pretty pink vintage things, with skulls thrown in, like my blog.  I am clearly a weirdo,  but you all know that already don't you??

I don't think the colors are very good in this little corer of the room shot.  Which is why I said them above.

Shelves.  The white basket is part of a set, that will be the only baskets up there, EVENTUALLY!

The closet.  It will have a curtain over it.  EVENTUALLY!  I have my collection of mini doors hanging on the left.

Now this is a very awesome thing.  I found this in my new house!!  It was here, and it wasn't mine.  Mine now!!  It is a metal piece, with a flower in the middle.  I am going to add clothes pins to it and use it like a memo board, or an inspiration board!! 

Thank you for visiting!!  Thank you Debbie for hosting this wonderful party for us newbies every week, you are awesome!    If you are new to my blog, please follow me!  I promise to follow you back!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


OMG.  My life is so hectic!!   But, snow or no snow, kids or no kids, I finished these 2 pages today!  And, it is 10:03 pm on Wednesday, so I did make it for Wednesday!!!

Both of these pages are  inspired by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, and her "Art Journal Every Day" prompts.  One of the things she said was about color, and she showed us some of her color journals.  This  got me thinking about how cool it would be to make one!  Here is the second page in my book, and it is "Blue".
This color book is so fun to make.  I used my new watercolor crayons, spray ink, paper, paint swatches, small pieces of fabric, blue lace, yarn flowers and some brads.  Just fun.  No deep thoughts, and no story to tell.  Plain and simple fun!

Julie's whole concept is to simply spend 10 minutes a day doing a bit of art.  So, one year ago, March 2010, I asked my friend Marit if she could tell me how to "zentangle".  Zentangle is a form of doodling.  There is much talk about this art form, for a  few reasons.  First, because they are awesome fun and addicting to make, and second because the name "Zentangle" is now copyrited, so some people are calling them "Zen Doodles"  or "Doodling Deliberately".  What ever they are called now, they are awesome.

Back to Marit.  When I asked her to teach me she answered "you want me to teach you how to doodle?".  I know it sounds weird, but I couldn't imagine how to do this awesome doodling!  She sent me a few links to check out, and I've kept this email in my inbox for a whole year.

About the begining of this month, I started using a sketchbook.  I use it for tons of stuff, but I  finally decided to use it for making a doodle.  I have been practicing patterns, and doodles, and all sorts of things getting ready to finally jump in and make one!!!

I know, the picture color is weird. ugh.  The camera isn't my friend.  But, there it is!!  My very first doodle!!  It has taken me well over a week, but I worked on it every day.  I primed my encyclopedia page, from my encyclopedia journal, then used spray ink.  I made the frame around the page with my fine tip sharpie marker, and made little  scrolls around the page.  I wrote the word doodle on the side.  My doodle is lighter, because I was too chicken to do it with marker.  I have pleanty of .05 micron markers,  but I didn't trust myself enough to use them.  One mistake, and my first piece of real doodling would be ruined!  So, I used the pencil to save myself the madness of starting over!

And so, here they are.  I really can't wait to hear your feedback!!
Thanks for looking, and have a fabulous week!!!


Just beautiful.  Flowers are blooming, the weather is warmer, NOT!
Yes friends, that is snow.  I'm curious, do I live in the land of bizarro?  Where the exact polar opposite happens?  It was in the 60's last week!

This show is so heavy, that the branches on my pine trees are falling down!  ugh.

Due to inclimate weather, (and my boys being home from school today because of this snow) Art Journal Wednesday has been pushed to Thursday.  See ya then!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


What's goin' on friends?  Are any of you newbies?  Today is Debbiedoos Newbie Party!!  I love Monday because of this party!  I've met so many amazing people!~!

I hope your weekend has been lovely!!  I see so many blogs talking about how Spring has sprung!!  Not really here in northern NJ.  We are having a cold spell, and there is talk of SNOW again!!  Tomorrow morning and Wednesday too.  gross.

So, as the title says, I have show and tell today!!  First, did everyone check out the moon last night?  It was called a super moon.  The moon was 33,000 miles closer to earth (give or take?) and she was BEAUTIFUL!! take a look.
I love the glow!!  Look how bright she is!!  You can see the cloud underneath.  Awesome!

 Continuing on with the "show" part of this post, my studio is coming along!!  It looks AWFUL in the pictures I'm about to show you, but believe it or not, it's close to ready!!
A picture of my unfinished closet.  It has shelves on a track system so I can move them when I like.  And, I opted for no door.  I'd rather have a curtain covering it.

This picture shows that my husband is a PIG when he works!  The cabinets that are there came with the house.  They were some awful greyish color.  Nothing a can of spray paint can't fix!!

Pardon the mess again. ugh.  But that stack of drawers is one of my favorite things.  They were in a dentists office that my husband renovated.  He asked if he could have them, and they said yes!!  Again, they were spray painted too, a few years ago when we got them.  I love how the top 2 are really shallow, so I can put small things in them and the rest are deep.  Talk about a money saver!!  And my countertop is awesome too, I think.

I will continue to update you with my studio status!!

On to tell.  A dear friend, CindyLew, who is a wonderful artist, and a wonderful friend gave me an award last week.  I thought that was so lovely!!  Then, the week went wonky, and I was so mental, I didn't know what day was what, and I forgot to publicly thank her!!!  Now, I don't usually like awards, not because I am ungrateful, but because I never know who to give them to!  SO, I'm not going to give it to anyone, because I would give it to ALL OF YOU NEWBIES!!!  I just want to thank Cindy for thinking of me!  You are AWESOME!!  Everyone check out her fabulous blog!

Have fun seeing all of the awesome blogs, and make a ton of friends!!  Remember, if you will be my new blog follower/friend, I promise to follow you back!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Happy Weekend everyone!!

Pfew.!  What a week!!  It's a miracle I got anything done!!

The studio is coming  along.  According to Mr, it will be finished this weekend, to the point where I can start moving in, and stop working at a portable table in the living room!!  This means that it will not be ready to photograph it yet, but my living room will be clear, and I can HOPEFULLY get my decorating done in here!!  Knowing me, it will take a month, ugh, but I will be able to do it!! and that is progress, right??

Here is my Color Journal Page!!!  I got the idea from Julie of Balzer Designs.  She also hosts "Art Journal Every Day", which I follow.  And while following her weekly prompts, she showed us her color journals.  I was HOOKED!!  What a fabulous idea!!  I showed you the paint color samples I got a week or so ago, and I used the pink ones for this, the first pages.
The 2 page spread

The left side of the spread.  I did this page sideways, so I turned it for you too see.  I used my paint samples, antique lace from my grandmother (it really is pink, it looks weird in this picture), fabric, ribbons and decorative tape.  I used a stencil and some Ranger "Victorian velvet" pink ink too.  And what is this?  OH NO!! Hello Kitty!!  How did you get on there????

And the right page, in it's up and down orientation.  Same things used, plus some pictures, flowers and netting.

That's my color journal pages for last week!!

And, because I am going to link this post up to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound's Pink Saturday Party, I am going to add a few more pinks!

Here she is!!  Hello Kitty desk supplies that I usually keep on my desk in the studio.  I have a ton more, but I have to find them!!  I love my Hello Kitty stamp! I use it on the back of all of my work.

Thanks for visiting!  Have fun at Beverly's party, and have a fabulous weekend!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


You must be thinking "what the heck is art Tuesday?"  Let me explain.  I usually do "Art Journal Wednesday", but today I have an art project and an art journal page both due today, so I'm just switching it up a bit!!  I also have another art journal page this week, but it probably won't be done until Thursday. ugh.
This first page is for A year in the life of an art journal.  As usual, they give the prompt in 3 parts.  This time they are:
Prompt: I'm Beautiful
Song: Real Love by Regina Spektor
Prompt: Self Portrait

So, I know nothing of this song, but you can see the lyrics.  I used some of them, and they are probably out of context, but only certain words came out at me.  And for the self portrait, I used a gel medium transfer that I learned from my very good friend Marit during one of her workshops that I took.  Here it is.
I won't even try to list the stuff I used.  It got done, and that's good enough, right???  Sorry for the cruddy picture. double ugh.

Then, I found a new blog to play with called Creative Tuesdays.  There, they give you a prompt to do with what you wish.  The prompt was Breakfast.  I thought, making a many layered background, with a "menu" on top would be fabulous!  The page looks far better in person.  But, I drew the bacon and the one egg myself thankyouverymuch!! *snort*

The pic is cruddy, again!  But the top says "Breakfast Menu".  Then I wrote some menu items, and tons of other crazy things.

And so, this is the end of my artsy post tour.  I hope you like them, or made you laugh a little at least!!
See you again soon!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


What's up my newbies!!  Hope you are excited about all of the friends you are all going to meet!!   Remember, if you didn't start at Debbie's blog, GO THERE RIGHT AWAY!!  You will LOVE her, and her beautiful home, and her awesome projects.  She is the sweet heart who thought of this party, and helping us, the "new guy", find other new blogers too!

Debbie is also having another party!!  A "Color my World" party, on March 25th.  She has a totally rad badge too, but my computer is having a nervous breakdown tonight *snort*, and I couldn't put it up.  Ugh.  But, you have to make a project using spray paint!!  Totally cool idea!!  Be sure to go see what she's done!!

ME?  oh.  um.  YES!  As you know, I've just moved to a new house the end of January, and I'm learning my new surroundings.  So, today, The Mr. and I went on a road trip!!  And we found a few antique stores, which were all really nice, but one was a bit different.  This one was more of an indoor flea market.  It had all older items, but not only "antiques".  Some things were as old as an antique, but just not as awesome.

I loved the simple sign.

Just an inside pic, to see how much awesome stuff there was to check out!

And cute little displays.  HAHA!!  there is a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" doll on top!!

These are the things I got!  As you might have heard, I have a "thing" for roosters!  This rooster was $2.40!!  Deal!  and the postcards (there are 5.  IDK where the 5th one is in this picture) were .10 cents each!!  3 have writing from 1910 on the back.  Postcards are another "thing" I have to have.

That was my weekend.  I hope yours was fabulous!!
Please visit all of the newbies, make new friends, and leave Debbie a great comment about how awesome she is!!
Remember, if you become my new friend and follow my blog, I promise to do the same for you!!!
Have fun!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday!  Thanks for visiting me today.  This week Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" is changing things up a bit.  She is having Green Saturday, in honor of St. Patddy's  Day!  So, this week, I've pulled out one of my favorite depression glass sets.  It is only a few pieces, but I LOVE them.  The pattern is "avocado" or "sweet pear".  The plates have 2 pears on them, and the glass around them is all in a leaf pattern, even around the  edges.  I had to search the ends of the earth for these few pieces.  I've found a few others, but couldn't afford them!  So, here it is.
Forgive the awful pictures.  This is the whole set, including 5 little Vaseline glass "Lotus" pattern salts.  They would put these at each place setting for individual servings of salt for each person.

Another bad picture of a footed bowl.

A better picture of a different bowl.

Now this is a good picture!!  This is a close up of the salts.  See how they glow?  You can tell if it's Vaseline glass if you put it under "Black Light".  I have done this to be sure it is authentic, and it is, HOWEVER, I'm not sure if it is real or reproduction.

Please remember, I am not the authority on Depression Glass, and if anyone has different answers or ideas, just let me know!!

Now, on to the party!
Marilou at Lulus Lovlies is having a party at her other blog Heartful Creatiions The 15th is her blogaversary!  Here's what Marilou says:
"... Blogaversary Party, included in the "Party Package Giveaway".  We will have these pink and green treasures with more to be added! Two crocheted vintage doilies, a tidbit plate, the Cupcake Tea Pot and 2 really old vintage post cards that celebrate Saint Paddy's Day. The cards are over 100 years old, we are going to add lots more stuff  to fill up a large  flat rate USPS box! You need to check back to see more. Grams, Hebby Baby and I will be having a party to celebrate on March 15th and hope you will join us. It will be our 1st Year Blogaversary  and we want to Party! My Grams will be having a Giveaway and all you have to do is be a follower and and leave a comment on the 15th, the big day. We want to include many things to appeal to everyones tastes, so we will have some fun stuff, old stuff, creative stuff, just so you can "create" and lots of  This n' That too."

I would check out both of her blogs.  What she is showing in the picture is AMAZING!!!  Hurry!!

Have a great Pink Saturday, and a Happy St. Paddy's day!!  Thanks for visiting!! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Welcome back to Art Journal Wednesday!!

I have a few different things to show you, so lets get to it!!

As I said the other day, this is an idea from Julie and her brain child "Art Journal Everyday".Here is the picture of both sides of the journal.

I didn't do a color page, I just did the inside cover and the opening page.  I took a composition notebook from my "school supplies for the boys" drawer, and went through it and ripped out almost half of the pages.  I did it with a ruler, not just ripping them out, because the composition notebook is bound like a book, so if you rip out a page in the front, you will also lose one in the back.  Tearing out the pages leaves tons of room for lots of elements on your pages, without the bulk.  Anyway, I used multiple types of patterned paper for the inside cover, the most rainbow type papers I had in my scrap bin..  **remember, I'm working with only 25% of my supplies right now, up from 1%*****  I placed all the scraps in strategic  ways for the best coverage, and attached them with gel medium.

Close up of inside of cover

Gel medium, spray ink, ink pads, stencils, and IDK what else!

Then, I made the cover page.  I've decided to name this journal "An Expedition into Color!!  An expedition is usually a group, but since I'm going to share this with all of you, I figured WE are an expedition!!  And our task is to find colors of all kinds!!

I have a love of fancy lettering.  It is something I practice, and something I really love to do.  I have calligraphy pens, fountain pens, lettering charts.  So, I wanted to make the title fancy, and I did my fancy lettering.  I added Tim Holtz tissue tape also, and this is my most favorite new thing!!  The thickness of tissue paper, but sticky like tape!  LOVE it!.  I did my inking, stenciling, and spraying here too.  I also added some rainbow looking fabric, and some rainbow looking images .  I used a glue stick to stick 3 or 4 pages together, and taped them with gaffers tape.

 Then, I did a couple of pages for a different site that I'm following, called Art Journaling Daily.  There Tracie gives prompts to encourage art journaling daily. Very similar to Julie above!!  I am behind with both of these ladies, because I didn't know about them until last month.  So, I am using several ideas at once here.  One page is just a idea of hers was to make random backgrounds so you are ready to art journal at any time.  Here is one I've made:

I used tons of things for this.  The usual sprays, and inks, and stencils and stamps, and some writing, and then, I used gel medium to attach a paper towel that I've used to pick up paint.  Over the top, I used paint dabbers (daubers??  IDK).  This is lookin' real good for me to work on!!

Next, I made a page using another prompt.  The prompt is to write, big and have it not able to be seen, really.  Let it be seen some, but scribble, write, all over a page.

After writing, I painted over, doodled under ant layered some images on top!

Thanks for visiting me today!!  Have a fabulous week!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


WOO HOOOO!!  Monday newbie party at Debbie Doo's!!  How is everyone doin'?  I am so jerked up, because I have tons to say, but don't want to take up too much of your time!!  OK.  Here goes!!

FIRST, I have to tell you that I won a gorgeous necklace  at Debbie Doos Giveaways!! HA!!  Go ME!  I've never won anything!!  I am soo totally excited to wear it!!  Check it out.
I told you!!  You can find one like it at
OK, Next, I bought a new washer and dryer.  That's awesome, but not the best part of my journey to home improvement hell.  I stopped over in the paint aisle and got all of these free paint swatches!
I follow Julie's Art Journal Everyday Blog, and a prompt she threw out for us is about color.  She has tons of inspiring ideas all the time, but for some reason, this one REALLY grabbed me!!  I am going to incorporate these paint swatches into a "color journal".  I'm really interested in exploring color more and now, I'm ready to roll!!  See my "Art Journal Wednesday" post this week to see what I've done!!
And finally, I has a wonderful visitor this weekend.  Gabriela Delworth.  She is a wonderful artist, who does such beautiful work!!  She has a blog and a website, and she is coming out with a book this Friday!  SO, she is having a party!!  Join the party and you could win a signed copy of her book!!  I think her work is awesome and I can't wait to see what delights are in her book!!  Please come check her out if you can!!

Thanks soooo much for visiting!!  Please check out the other newbies blogs too!! And, if you wouldn't mind, Please be a friend of my blog!!  I LOVE new friends, I promise to follow you back!!

Have fun!