Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi!  I have been trying to balance my art with my blog.  Meaning, I'm trying to not only show you pictures  of my art, but I'm also sharing pics and stories about my new house, and my various hobbies and collections.  Tons of stuff I'm trying to share, and there are only 7 days in a week, and if I hope to have art, or home improvements on here, I need time to DO THEM!! 
So, I am trying, this week, to make a day where my art doings will always be.  Wednesday will be my day dedicated to art.  SO, here it is!!

This is my page for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
The prompt:  FIGHT
The song: Breakin' Dishes by Rihanna
Technique to try: Bleach

I started with collage, then started drawing and writing with my favorite markers. Next was my many layers of ink, and glimmer mist.  I then did the bleach technique.  I bleached with a stamp before, and I really liked it.  Here it is.

Loved it.  So, this time I used a mask, and put bleach on it before putting it onto the page.  So, the area that was filled with inks and stuff, now was magically bleached!!  Awesome idea!  Go me!  The mask is barbed wire.  Perfect for a page about anger.

After the bleach, I went back over the page with markers, re-writing the words that were missing from the bleach, and putting dots around the letters, stuff like that.

So, I finished prompt 3 on time!!  The 4th is up now and I am ready!!  I still don't have many supplies, but I'm making it work.  Pretty cool.

Next, I made my first page for a new art journaling group I found called Art JOURNAL Daily.  The woman there, Tracie, is really awesome.  I am so inspired by her prompts!  She has all of the prompts up on her blog, and they really make me think.  This page was about circles, and making them and stuff.  I happened to have this page already made.  I dipped different lids from cans and stuff, into paint and made the circles.  Now, I only added some stickers, writing and paint dobber circles.  I cheated, but I finally found something to do with that half done page.
Awesome?? I think yes!!

And, Julie, from Art Journal Everyday posted a new prompt as well.  Her prompt was about color.  I have a book that I didn't finish that I'd like to use for this.  She showed off some of her wonderful work, and one was a book about color.  I want to do that with the book I have.  I intend to use the whole book for different colors.  I have TONS of little paint swatches from my recent visits to home improvement stores, and I want to use them all!!  Stay tuned for that!

Thank you for hanging out with me, going through my recent work.  Hope you visit again soon!


  1. Awesome idea, to make Wednesday your ART day!!! I will remember and visit you every time! Also, what a beautiful page for AYITLOAAJ!!! I'm in ooh and aah over it, stunning my dear!!! Oh, and keep a watch at "Art Journal Every Day" this Friday ;)

  2. Totally awesome! I'm so glad to see you creating again!

  3. Great job! I think these looks fantastic!

  4. Great job. I have taken a class with Traci Bautista and she totally rocks by the way.

  5. You are so creative! I love the art journal!

  6. What awesome art! Such neat techniques! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments!

  7. Well, Daniele, if you have the patience to make such amazing books then you certainly have the gusto to join Creative Tuesday. the question is, shall we expect you? :)
    Ty for dropping by.

  8. That is most awesome and gorgeous! YAY YOU! I love your creativity and all those awesome techniques! It turned out beautifully!! :)

  9. I so admire people who have the ability to create something from nothing more than a thought in their mind. And you are definitely one of those people that I admire.

    I love to be creative, but the styling that I do utilizes components that were created in someone else's mind and then made into a physical reality. I then just poke them around into different places until they look nice. The true genius is the one who creates the original pieces.

    And again, that would be you!

    Good luck with your unpacking.

  10. Very very cool!! I love that barbed wire mask!!

  11. Awesome stuff! Looks like you've got tons of inspiration come at you from everywhere!