Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I'm sure you have all heard about the crazy things that have been happening on the east coast.  First, we had an earthquake last week, and now we are just getting out from under with this hurricane.  Really crazy!

This hurricane really threw us!!  We don't get hurricanes (or earthquakes for that matter), so we are not prepared.  We get strong winds and big rain storms all the time, but this was awful!!

We have went without power for 2 days, and we have had some small debris in our yard.  We consider ourselves lucky though!!  There are still over 1 million without power and people are stuck in their homes still.

But, we are lucky!!!  We are all fine, and so is  our home. We are so grateful!!!

So, if you haven't heard from me, that is  why!!  And now I am getting our house back together again!!  For example, with no power for that long, our refrigerator/freezer food went bad.  And we had to clean out the hot water heater, stuff like that.  But I will be catching up on my blogging too!!

I've missed you all!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hi everyone!!  I missed you last week!!  I am getting back on track now.  Why is it so hard to get back into a regular routine after vacation???

I have a sweet little collage for you today.  A pretty piece, 4x6, with a pretty floral image, and paper doily pieces, game paper pieces, flowers and pearls.  I could put it on a card, or in a frame.  I'm not sure yet.
Don't forget to visit our faithful host Beverly !!!  Without her, there would be no pink Saturday!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello friends!

We got home today from our vacation, and I am tired!!!  But in a very good way! We had a really awesome time!  The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and every day was fun.  It really was perfect!

I have some pictures to show you.  Believe me, these are the best  ones.  I don't know why but every one was less than flattering!  But, here they are.  The best of the worst!!! LOL!!
Horray!!  We've arrived!!

Is that a view or what!

Waking up to this every day, I could get used to that!!

My handsome children!!  The one with the hat looks drunk, and the large one looks like he is still asleep.
I have to defend us though!  It was SOOOOOO sunny!  We were all squinting.

Yup.  Me and the Mr.  My face looks huge, and he is 12 feet away from me.  Maybe I had coffee breath?

Oh YES!!  We are a motley crew!  Large is still making that face, Small must be robbing banks while I sleep with that hat, and Me?  ?????? 

THIS IS THE ONE!!  Yes it is!!  Bank robber, surprised victim and the joker!!  SWEET!

Thankfully, I wasn't in this one!!  I have removed this hat from Small's wardrobe.  

Sincerely though, small is the cutest little guy!  If you were able to see his face that is.  And  large!  Can you believe he is  only 14?  He is bigger than Mr, and it just amazes me!  He still has a baby face I think.  Small is 12, and believe it or not, not small at all.  He just looks small because he is standing next to large!!!  But, in 2 years I think he will be looking pretty large himself!

Thank you all for your vacation wishes!  You are all amazing!  Thank you so much!!!!
I will be visiting you all tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I just want you to know, that I am going on vacation!

I will be back next week, so if I am a bad blog friend, don't be mad!!  I love seeing each and every one of your blogs!!

I am bringing my laptop, but I'm not sure if I can get a signal.   I am going north!!

Have a fabulous week!!  See you soon!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


And I love Creative Tuesdays!!

Our theme for today is MOON. I love the moon!!  So I thought it would be SOOOO easy!!  NOT!
I had a zillion ideas, but then I remembered, I don't draw, paint, sculpt, knit, or sew.

But, I do doodle!!

So, on Sunday night, I said to myself  "Self, what day is the moon due?" I went to check at the CT blog, and saw it was Tuesday!!  Tuesday?  How was I supposed to finish this in like one day?

I got straight to work, and before I was even started, I had to go get some sleep!

Then, came yesterday.  It took me ALL DAY to finish.  About half way through, I decided to get coffee.  I needed caffeine to keep going on this doodle quest!!  So, as I am approaching my seat, and my moon, my phone rang!  Which scared me so I jumped which made some coffee land on my paper!!!ugh.

But I did get it done!!  And here it is, coffee stain and all!!

Have fun checking out all the creative people at Creative Tuesday!!

Monday, August 15, 2011


How fun is this?

You already know I am so happy about designing for Dezinaworld.  They have the most awesome collage sheets to use in any type of art.  And the owner, June, is soooo nice!!! She has been so good to me!  I am honored to call her my friend.  So, June is doing a "Spotlight" on me today!!

I hope you will click the link and check it out!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday everyone.  Thank you Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for hosting every week!!  YOU are one of my many blessings!!

Today, I want to show you one of the birdhouses I've decorated this week!  I had so much fun decorating this!!
I spray painted it white first, then added my flowers, pearls, ribbon and gauze.
click to enlarge

We are supposed to make our post today about our blessings.  I have so many blessings, and I am so grateful!!  

There is a wonderful cause that Beverly is working with, and for every comment left on her blog money will be donated to Miracle Makeover!!!

Please go visit Beverly, and read all about this wonderful cause!!

I am also adding this to my friend Erin's Savvy homemade Monday Party!!  Erin is a new blogger, who already has a party of over 100 people already!!  Come check it out!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I love steampunk.  There is something about it that I just LOVE!  The Victorian ladies, the cogs and bolts.  The steam engines.  The world at a time of big changes.

I got this collage sheet from Dezinaworld of course, and I couldn't wait to use it!

I think this would be a great piece to put on the front of the card.  It could be used for so many things!  Someone going on vacation, someone starting a new business, a birthday card, I could go on and on!!

Can you imagine the journey they were on during this time?  It just seems so exciting!  Romantic!

Enjoy YOUR journey!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have my finished cabinet to show you!!  I am so excited!!  It was a process for sure to get this done.  The decoupage background is ripped up pieces of French writing, or French text, and that took like 100 years!  Then, I was able to put the main graphic on each door and each drawer.  All of the text and graphics are from The Graphics Fairy.  She is so awesome to give us all the images we could ever need for free!  Thank yo so much!!


                                                    Ta Da!!!  The decorated cabinet!!

                                              Close up of the drawers and doors.

Just one  door.

EXTREME close up of the door.

And a drawer.

I added new knobs too, just to  make it a bit more fancy!!!

I hope you all like it!! Thanks for looking!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!  As usual, our AWESOME hostess Beverly of How Sweet the sound, brings us all together to celebrate our love of pink!!

I have been so busy with the boys home, and renovating, and creating that I feel like an awful blog friend lately!  I am so sorry if I haven't visited you!!  I am workin' on it, I swear!!!

AND a HUGE thank you to Lorena of Rose Chic Friends for helping me get my Facebook badge back!!  It is showing a post from 2 months ago, but I can fix that!!  So thank you Lorena!!  You are awesome!!

SO, here is my pink for you today.
Pink Polka Dots!!  How fun are polka dots?  Awesome!!
Have fun everyone, and have a great Pink Saturday!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


How to get the dumb Facebook badge on my sidebar?
I had one, and it disappeared, and now I can't get it back!!
I looked it up, tried to get it back, and it was really wide!!  Took over half of my page!!
You know me and computers!!  We don't get along.

If you think you can help, I would really appreciate it!!!

ONWARD!  I finished my cabinet!!  It is so awesome!!  I just have some finishing touches left to do, and I will be showing it on Sunday!!!!  I am so proud of this.  I hope you like it as much as I do,

And, I am painting a frame for a picture I love.  The picture came in this frame, but I think it needs to be black.
I might put this in my little bathroom, or over the cabinet.  I'll show you when I'm done.
What  are you doing?
Relaxing in the sun?
Playing with your children?
Doing house projects?
Art projects?

Whatever it is, I hope you are enjoying yourself!