Wednesday, August 3, 2011


How to get the dumb Facebook badge on my sidebar?
I had one, and it disappeared, and now I can't get it back!!
I looked it up, tried to get it back, and it was really wide!!  Took over half of my page!!
You know me and computers!!  We don't get along.

If you think you can help, I would really appreciate it!!!

ONWARD!  I finished my cabinet!!  It is so awesome!!  I just have some finishing touches left to do, and I will be showing it on Sunday!!!!  I am so proud of this.  I hope you like it as much as I do,

And, I am painting a frame for a picture I love.  The picture came in this frame, but I think it needs to be black.
I might put this in my little bathroom, or over the cabinet.  I'll show you when I'm done.
What  are you doing?
Relaxing in the sun?
Playing with your children?
Doing house projects?
Art projects?

Whatever it is, I hope you are enjoying yourself!


  1. Uhhh...I'm reading your blog now and am sorry I can't help you with your computer glitch. I am worse than you with computers! lol xo Diana

  2. I have no idea either! I wish I were more technically proficient, but I'm lacking in that area.

    Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and I think the frame would look great black.

  3. sorry, I have no idea!!Thats a great frame,, I'm making a rag quilt,

  4. Hi Daniella,
    I do have a facebook badge in my side bar. I believe you have to go through facebook to create one. But if you go into my blog and scroll to where my facebook allowes you to create one from there. Then you just copy/paste their code and add it to the HTML/Java widget in blogger on your design pate.

    Hope that helps..let me know if you have any problems.

    Be Blessed,

  5. Hi Daniella, I went to blogger help and ask how. This is the recommended link for help with facebook.

    Hope is helps.

  6. Glad it worked with Facebook Daniella.
    Hugs, Chris

  7. Hi Daniella,
    I see that you got the facebook button on...I don't have one, so I had no idea how to do it! Yay--your cabinet is done and I can't wait to see it...I know it must be beautiful! Your frame is really pretty too...You have been a busy bee!


  8. Can't wait to see your picture frame when it's done. I'm not that great with computers either. Whenever I have a question, I always ask Jess or Nel. I did a "Pink Post" today. You have so much beautiful pink on your Blog, that I think you might enjoy it. Have a beautiful weekend, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley