Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This technique post is for SinCity Stamps.  Please click the link to see their AWESOME selection of premium quality, deep etched, red rubber stamps!!  Such a fabulous selection!  From  flowers to words to art journaling, there is truly something for everyone.  I own 3 sets and LOVE them! Their stamps come in full sheets and individual images.  They have a wonderful BLOG too!  

Before I show the tutorial I would love to share a card I also made.  It has a butterfly that I stamped several times to make a 3-D effect.  Maybe that can be a tutorial for another day?
This card shows how good these stamps are.  This butterfly isn't colored in.  The stamp takes this much color and yet you can see the writing inside of it!  THAT is fabulous!  I have a similar stamp and every time I used it, it would slide and make a mess.  These don't move when you stamp with them.  That is amazing!!  This is from the Love of Butterflies set, and the Thank You stamp is from the Rosette Hearts set.

Now for the bleach!!


First, gather your supplies
I cut pieces of color cardstock to 4" x 8.5".  I then distressed the edges.  I got my distress inks, my masks, my black and white markers, my plastic tray and my set of Art Journaling with Terri Sproul stamps.   You don't need all of these supplies.  You can just use color cardstock and bleach, but I usually like to add some ink and stuff to the cardstock before the bleach.  It shows more bleach this way.  So, I will show examples of both for this tutorial.

I set up in the kitchen when doing bleach stamping.  That way, I don't worry if bleach gets on my counter, and I open the window for ventilation.  
Put a paper towel, folded at least 4 times, on the plastic tray and pour bleach on the paper towel.  You want a generous amount, but not enough to make the paper towel soaking wet.

Next, get your paper and stamps ready.

As you can see, the tag on the left is blank, and the one on the right has inks and a mask used on it.  Now, dip your stamp in the bleach "stamp pad" you made and stamp away!!

The tag on the left is the blank one and the bleach shows up awesome on it!  The one on the right already has inks on it and I can see different gradients of "Bleach-ness".  The blank tag shows the same level through out.  So the choice is yours!  What ever you want to do, just go for it!!

Here are a bunch of tags that I have made using this technique.  I only wanted to do the 2 examples, but I got carried away with myself!  
I actually made more than this.  It is that addicting!!  I can't just bleach my paper, NO!  I have to mask, ink, bleach, go over the masked image with a white pen, go over the bleach stamped areas with a black pen, you get the picture.  I am going to be making them into a new art journal.  I made the cover, (bottom row, second from left, green tag).  I used a cotton swab to write the word "BLEACH".

I wonder if I didn't get enough ventilation????

HAHAHA!  Just kidding!  I'm just having fun, and that's what art is all about, isn't it?

I sent in an application to SinCity Stamps and they sent me the badge (on top) to put in this tutorial post.  I'm wondering if it means something????

Friday, June 21, 2013


I always like getting the mail.  Most people say they hate getting the mail because all it contains is bills and junk mail.  Since I am a paperless bill payer, I don't get bills in the mail.  As far as junk mail, I don't care.  I throw it away as soon as I get it.  So getting the mail is exciting to me!!  I get lovely cards and things from blog friends all around the world, and packages of things I've bought online.  I can't wait to see what is in my box!!  Yesterday, I got two magazines that I subscribe to.  I brought them home and put them down on the table, so I could dive right in after dinner.  When I opened my
 "The Stamper's Sampler" I got a huge surprise!!  

Since I subscribe, the magazine was just my normal magazine.  Usually, when you are in it, you get a complimentary copy and there is a CONGRATULATIONS paper in front.  This one didn't say that.  SO.......

When I got to page 20 and saw my name in the "Spotlight" I almost fainted!!!

These little treat bags were what was in the "Spotlight".  I got the bags from my friend, THE AWESOME MaryLou!!  Just the bags of course, not the decorating part.  I think she sent me luck with the bags!!  She does wonderful work!  Click her name to visit her!!

It was like a treasure hunt!!  I kept looking and I found more and more work!!  I think it is better not getting the free copy because this treasure hunt was so fun!!

Another piece!  This is the most fun ever!

I love Poe.  If you remember, last Fall I had my other Poe piece published in Somerset Studio. Here is a link to see that piece if you want to.  Click HERE!

More work!  This card might look a little blurry but that is by design.  I used a heat gun to make the acetate wrinkle up so it looked like an old window.

Last, but not least, was my Venus card.  I got the stamp from Altered Pages.  It is called "Chatty Venus".  

And that is the end of my very long, very excited post about my love of getting the mail!  I hope your mail brings you great happiness too!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


WOYWW is the most fabulous party in blogland!!  Visit out Queen, Julia to find out all about it!

Quick post this week.  We just got home from having dinner with a long time friend that we haven't seen in 10 years!  It was awesome!!  So, not much to see...
Just some ribbon, a glue gun, specimen bottles, scissors and my badge. 

Thanks for visiting!  I will always answer everyone who visits me!! And more!!  Have a fabulous party everyone!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013


I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Father's Day yesterday!!

Today, I have some ATC's I made for Altered Arts Magazine.  I made them using many sponsor products that I received when I started working for them.  It is a set of 5 (sort of) that I call "License  Plates".  They use two different types of ATC's.  3 of them are on glossy blanks that I bought from Altered Arts Magazine years ago, and the other 2 are thick blanks.  The thick cards are painted with Yasutomo "Niji" Pearlescent watercolor paints I got from Altered Pages and in the other 3 glossy cards I used Ranger Alcohol Inks.
After I painted/inked the backgrounds I started layering my elements!  The next layer was a Hero Arts background stamp called "Italian Poetry", then I used 7 Gypsies paper tape and clear stamp set "Numero".  The ink I used is from Prima.  I didn't know they made ink, but they are so awesome!  They are a chalk based fluid ink, and it dries quickly.  Even over the alcohol inks.  Then, I cut the license plates out of a piece of paper I got in an ephemera pack.  I think it might be Tim Holtz?  After I cut them individually, I applied them with glue.  Last, I die cut some flowers, crumpled them up and glued them to the bottom.  The pearl in the center is like the icing on the cake!!

I know I owe some of you an ATC, and I will be using these to send you so watch your mail!!

Have an awesome day!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


It is time again for the Altered Pages Monthly Challenge!!!  This month the theme is "Baby Dolls".  I found it to be an interesting challenge and to be honest I wasn't sure what to make!  But, I got this awesome collage sheet "Vintage Baby Dolls" and some Glitz Design paper (both available at the Altered Pages Store) and an idea was born!

I had this black frame and I used the Glitz paper over cotton balls for the base,  I then spent (what felt like days) a while cutting out all the collage pieces, like the clothes, shoes and the doll.  I used pins to attach the doll to the background and I attached the clothes to little hangers from 7 Gypsies. The hangers are hanging from a piece of rope I tied a the ends and glued onto the background.  The final piece is a button die cut attached with a pin.

I hope you will join us this month!  All the rules are on the Challenge Blog (link above).  AND, after the 15th you can vote for your favorite Design Team piece!!  Then, the winner gets a prize and a DT member too!  How cool is that??

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Welcome to another WOYWW!!  Don't know what the heck I'm talking about?  Click HERE to read all about it!

And there is big news on the WOYWW front.  The party is being featured in Featuring Magazine!  My long time friend Marit (who participates in this party every week) is the owner of the magazine, and she thinks so highly of this party she decided to feature it!  Congratulations WOYWW!  Congratulations Julia!!  Another friend Eliza has her desk featured in the article too!!  How fun!!

Now, on to my desk...
I am showing my small desk this week.  My large one is FULL OF STUFF!!  I took pictures of it and saw you couldn't see anything!  So the messy small one was a better picture.  You see my badge, my cuttlebug (from like 10 years ago), my little sewing machine, my Cricut mini, finished projects that I showed recently and paper, ribbon and spray ink.  I also got a "Gelli Plate" this week, which I am very excited about!!  It is under the paper.

So have fun visiting the desks and be sure to start with Julia's blog, the star of WOYWW!!
Congratulations again!!

Monday, June 10, 2013



I made this page about my grandmother's cousin.  When I see this picture all I can think of is "Sassy".  I used Ribbon 2 ways.  The pink flowers are made with  "Silky Crush Ribbon" pieces, in the rose color, all glued together to make these beautiful blooms!!  The buttons on the flowers, the pearls and the "Sassy" tag are all from Melissa Frances

I also did pleated ribbon down the right side.  The ribbon I used is called "Faux Suede Ruffle Edge Ribbon".  It is AMAZING!!  So easy to gather and pleat!  Awesome!

 Next, I made a journal.  The center is left white and blank on purpose, so whoever gets this journal can fill it in themselves!!  I used 5 different types of May Arts Ribbon.  I tried to use it in different ways.  The only ribbon that is NOT May Arts is the ruffled edge on the left.  The ribbon down the left side is May Arts.  It is called "Chenille Center Dot Ribbon" in the color aqua.  The center is so soft!!  The next ribbons I used are called "Chevron Stripes Twill".  I used 2 different colors, blue and green.  The flags are this ribbon, the tie on the right and the 2 strips above and below the tie.  The next ribbon I used is "Double Faced Horizontal Stripe Satin".  I found a wonderful selection of double faced satin ribbon HERE.  Last ribbon I used was the "Ivory Canvas Black and Gold Print" which has many styles, but I used the Bee ribbon, and cut the bee's out!!

I used Kaiser Craft die cuts, Tim Holtz metal pieces and Prima flowers and leaves all along the side and bottom of the journal.  The Green Leaves Ribbon is the leader of the shape along the side.  That ribbon is so beautiful and it is so fluid to move around!  The bird on top is from Melissa Frances as is the button.

Last, I made this really fun Memo Board card!!  
I love French Memo Boards and with this "Fleur de Lis" ribbon and thought this card would be perfect!!  I also used the "Twill Chevron Stripe" again.  This time in tan.  How fun would this card be to give someone!  Just add theater tickets, or a gift card right to the memo board card!

Thanks for visiting!!  Have an awesome day!!

Friday, June 7, 2013


You may remember me decorating some little bird houses last year and since it is spring I thought I would make another!!!  I made one just like this as a gift to my friend Cindy Adkins last Christmas.  I loved the way it turned out, so I've made this one...
I painted the birdhouse with off white spray paint first, then started decorating!! I used gauze, flowers, pearls, ribbon, a butterfly or two and swirly wire.  I have a few birdhouses in mt house that are really big.  I think I'm going to get a birdhouse a little bigger than this and decorate it for my living room.  Which is where my big birdhouses are.

Thanks for looking and have an awesome weekend!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello everyone.  It's time to visit desks!!  Please start with the wonderful Miss Julia and see what it's all about!!!
First I have to apologize to all of you for missing the anniversary last week.  I am so guilty over it I am making myself ill!!  I would never have missed it!!  I was at last year's and it was a blast!!  And that is when Julia sent me my badge *sniffle*.  So please know that if there was any way I could have been here I would have and don't break up with me and my blog please!!!

My desk is CLEAN!  I have done nothing creative in a while and plan to get back to it tomorrow!!  But, if I make a plan it usually doesn't work.  Fingers crossed!!
Nothing to see here!!  But my badge is on top of my jar of markers!!  A place of honor!!  I already wrote to Julia and begged forgiveness!! *sign*

I hope you forgive me!!  Enjoy the party!!

Monday, June 3, 2013


I just love these mini canvases.  They are a perfect gift for anyone.  This little canvas is misted with Splash Ink that I bought from Altered Pages.  Who knew that blue, black and magenta would make such a pretty blue!!  I put the ink in a mist bottle and sprayed it on.  Then,  I sprayed some glitter spray on top of the ink and book paper was added next.  Then, I stamped over the whole thing and finished it with an inspirational charm and seam binding.  Super easy and what a nice thing to see on your work desk!  Only 3x3" and the little easel comes with them!  I've painted the easel on another set I gave as a gift.  Then, I put it into a cute clear bag and tied it with a bow.  This one was made for Altered Arts Magazine.  Just a little something to remind everyone to check out the web site and check out the magazine!!  Tons of art and articles to inspire everyone!!

Thanks for visiting!!