Friday, June 21, 2013


I always like getting the mail.  Most people say they hate getting the mail because all it contains is bills and junk mail.  Since I am a paperless bill payer, I don't get bills in the mail.  As far as junk mail, I don't care.  I throw it away as soon as I get it.  So getting the mail is exciting to me!!  I get lovely cards and things from blog friends all around the world, and packages of things I've bought online.  I can't wait to see what is in my box!!  Yesterday, I got two magazines that I subscribe to.  I brought them home and put them down on the table, so I could dive right in after dinner.  When I opened my
 "The Stamper's Sampler" I got a huge surprise!!  

Since I subscribe, the magazine was just my normal magazine.  Usually, when you are in it, you get a complimentary copy and there is a CONGRATULATIONS paper in front.  This one didn't say that.  SO.......

When I got to page 20 and saw my name in the "Spotlight" I almost fainted!!!

These little treat bags were what was in the "Spotlight".  I got the bags from my friend, THE AWESOME MaryLou!!  Just the bags of course, not the decorating part.  I think she sent me luck with the bags!!  She does wonderful work!  Click her name to visit her!!

It was like a treasure hunt!!  I kept looking and I found more and more work!!  I think it is better not getting the free copy because this treasure hunt was so fun!!

Another piece!  This is the most fun ever!

I love Poe.  If you remember, last Fall I had my other Poe piece published in Somerset Studio. Here is a link to see that piece if you want to.  Click HERE!

More work!  This card might look a little blurry but that is by design.  I used a heat gun to make the acetate wrinkle up so it looked like an old window.

Last, but not least, was my Venus card.  I got the stamp from Altered Pages.  It is called "Chatty Venus".  

And that is the end of my very long, very excited post about my love of getting the mail!  I hope your mail brings you great happiness too!!


  1. congratulations, excellent!! You are so creative, he most amazing things you create, I love the way your mind works!

  2. How exciting! I agree about the excitement of picking up the mail. I have to walk about 5 houses up to the box...I usually see one or two others walking up so it is a social thing too!

    Congratu;atoions on your lovely surprise! What joy that must have been.

  3. Congratulations, wonderful pieces, so glad you found them all, it must have been so much fun! ~Dine

  4. Wow, congratulations. Great work and what a nice surprise.

  5. Wonderful surprise Daniella, thanks for the heads up! Im not sure you needed any luck as you have the talent and that is what you share in your work! Awesome job!
    Hugs and love, Marilou

  6. So pleased for you, wonderful achievements and Designs xx

  7. Oh many hearty congratulations my dear. How wonderful to be published!
    Speaking of mail I received the most beautiful birthday card this morning, complete with a joyful little bird.
    Thank you so much my dearest friend.
    Nig Hugs
    June xxx

  8. Now THAT is happiness in the mail!!! Congrats on the pub!!I actually am afraid of getting mail lately... it's mostly bills or "I don't wanna know" mail... grrrr.