Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is with such sadness that I have to say good bye to the newbie party!!  *sniffle* I guess I have graduated!!  No longer the new blog on the block.  I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our hostess DEBBIE.  She is so totally awesome, and has helped so many of us figure out this whole blog thing.  You are the best Debbie!!

And NO, I don't think I will go away.  I've heard a bunch of people say that they still do the party, just don't link up!  SWEET!!!  SO, I think I've graduated to a newbie stalker!!  Awesome!!!

SO, I wanted to show you all 2 things.  The first is this poor old Rooster cabinet I have.
Poor cabinet!!  It had served me well in my other house.  It was in the kitchen/dining area, just a sweet cute cabinet.
Now, don't get me wrong!  I still have roosters in my kitchen, just not the same amount of room.  So, this cabinet has been in the garage since we got here.  Then, I had a great idea!!!  What if, I decoupage over the roosters and the fronts of the drawers and make it a bath cabinet for the hallway!!!  
I downloaded French writing and images from The Graphics Fairy and started my plan today!!  I am sorry to say, I don't have the "after" pictures yet, but they will be here next Monday if you want to see it's new look!!

And, speaking of The Graphics Fairy, I made this canning jar using another image from her!!  I painted the inside of the jar, which was totally hard!!  And added the graphic, and some other goodies. 
Maybe I'll put it on my new cabinet!!
I will be linking it to her Brag Monday Party.

Keep having fun and meeting new friends Newbies!!  I will miss you all!!  And Thank You all for visiting me!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


I LOVE Artist Trading Cards, and I haven't made as many as I would like to lately.  BUT, that is going to change!!  Because I get these awesome images from Dezinaworld to design with.  And after I've made collages and altered projects, the others left over need a home!!!  And into my ATC library they will go!!!
This is one of a set I am making with the "Mono Men" sheet.  They are all black and white, MONO images.  I know, you are saying "But Daniella, that card is brownish?" and you would be correct!!  I used Vintage Photo distress ink to "color" him in a bit.  How fun is that!!  

See you later for my final *sniffle* newbie party!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Hello everyone!!  Happy Pink Saturday!!  Beverly our Pink Saturday Host is so awesome!!  Click the link to go visit her!!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BUSY!!  Now, the "Pre-School" festivities begin!!  No, not pre-school as in 4 year olds, the BEFORE the school year starts pre-school.  We have to begin the shopping.  New clothes, school supplies, book bags, shoes, THE LIST GOES ON!! ugh.

So, I have nothing new to show off!!  Sorry!!  But I figured a Hello Kitty picture would work, right?
I have this necklace, I got it from my Large son 2 Christmases ago.  Isn't that too sweet?  He is such a good boy!!
I hope you all have a fabulous Pink Saturday!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello friends!!  What have all of you been doing this summer?  I have been getting  organized and getting house projects finished.  In between that, I have been spending time with the boys, which I always enjoy!!  I LOVE when they are home from school!  I love watching movies with them, and playing games during the day.  I love talking to them, hearing what's on their minds.  They are just such a joy to have home!!  And it has been hectic, crazy, tiring and great all at the same time!!!

So, between ALL of that, I still managed to make something!!  Actually, I got my studio cleaned today ( I am such a messy artist!!!) and I saw that I have more than 10 paper crafts already done, and more than 10 items to alter!!  Which makes me happy, I love thinking about how to re-do stuff.  And, as I said I have tons!!!

So, this item I made was SUPPOSED to be to go on a clip board.  I was sure I had one, and was sure that I would have found it today when I spent the whole day cleaning.  BUT, NO!!!  An item as easy as a clipboard, I can not find here!!  I  swore I had 30 of them!!!!  Maybe when we are completely unpacked (in 10 years) I will find them, but for now, I have the piece made for when I go out and buy one!!
I was so happy to have this made, and was all ready to decoupage!!  The background and the cute baby girl with her baby doll are from Dezinaworld.  The hot pink lace is from my stash as is the old bingo card.  Random flowers, and a tag from Melissa Frances finished it off.  I used a Martha Stewart punch along the bottom, and Tim Holtz distress ink all over the place!!

It will be perfect for the clipboard I can not find!

SO, what have YOU been doing?????
I hope it is wonderful!!!


I want to say thank you so much for all of your help with my pink chair on Saturday's post, and for your kind words from yesterday's post.  You bloggers are the best people in the world! 

Today, I made a small collage using the Fairies Collage sheet from Dezinaworld!!! Another sheet with a bunch of images!  It was so hard to pick one!!  I went with the black and white fairy with the yellow wings.  The wings are so light, you can hardly tell they are yellow, but I used a bunch of yellow around the fairy to bring out that color.
Please, always remember just click on the picture to enlarge!!

Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Horray!!  I finally have a completely finished bedroom!!!  And, since my Newbie status is almost up *sniffle* I thought today would be the best day to share it!!  Of course, you can go and check out Debbie to join the Newbie party, or be a Newbie stalker (which is what I will be after my last party next week).  Either way, you have to check out Debbie's blog!  She is awesome!!

These are the pics of my room.  They may not be the best, but I am soooo tired today!!  I was out getting my hair done yesterday, and finishing up this room after that until an hour ago!  So, forgive me!!  Here we go!  And, these pics are just a sampling of my room.  I actually had 27!!  I had to take that down a bit!!!
This is what you see when you walk in the door.  My bed sits center stage!!  You can see my white cornice that my husband made, and my candleier above my bed.  The wood beams that go across my room, and a bit of my little reading nook too.

My footboard

My new bedding and my headboard.

My little nook.  My poor pink mini chaise is covered, for now, in a really nice throw.  I added a pillow, and  some of my french goodies on the wall.

My candleiere!!  I LOVE this above the bed!!  You can see my cornice a bit better here too.

My Paris sign above my curtain.

My dresser.  I didn't want to be in the picture, so I took it on the bed!!  Not the best angle, but at least I didn't get in it!!!  I have my grandmothers atomizers there, a french inspired plate, and my jewelry box, with roses on top, on the top of the dresser.

This is on a little table in my room.  The candlestick holders were spray painted white, and I got some fleur de lis graphics from The Graphics Fairy.

This is the ring I put around the top, from one of the Graphics Fairy's frames.  I am entering these candlesticks in the The Graphics Fairy's Brag Monday!!

And that is it!!!  You might think I can rest now, but no.  There are like a million more projects to finish!!  I will add each one as it gets done.  Wish me luck!!!


I made this little collage Friday.  It is one of my "famous" board game collages!!  I took all of the old board games my boys had, and stole all of the boards, money and cards from them!!  The boards are a wonderful base for a collage.

And, I got another fabulous sheet from June at Dezinaworld.  This one is called "Shabby Chic".  The sheet has, I think, 16 images on it.  And there is a little of everything on it!!  Some Victorian ladies, some steam pun, some advertising, and bits and pieces of everything!!

We also got some backgrounds.  I started with that.  The burned edge (I think?) frame.  I put it on my game board piece, and began the delightful task of layering the images on top of lace, old game pieces and doilies.  To top it off, I added some puzzle pieces!!  
I LOVE this one!!  I think it is so fun and just lovely!!
I took the pictures 2 ways.  I am BAD when it comes to digital art of any kind.  You are all lucky I can put my name on my work!!  BUT, I found a way to make the picture look more vintage.  So the first image is done that way, and the second one is done normal.

I think they are both great!!  I can not pick which I like best.  Which would you pick????

Friday, July 22, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!!  Beverly from How Sweet the Sound, our awesome Hostess, brings us together every Saturday to celebrate our love of pink!!  She is awesome and this party is too!!!

Now, on to my sewing issue.  I don't sew EVER.  I glue, I staple, I tape, but I DO NOT SEW!!!  Never have ever.

I have this really pretty mini lounge chair that I have had for like a million years.  And I have always had it somewhere cute, it is so small, and so awesome!!  BUT, then stuff happens

NOTE.  The color of this chair is "rose pink".  I think it looks maroon, but that is the name, so don't think it isn't pink!!! LOL!!
Here is a picture. it has paint on it now, poor chair!!!
It is 27 inches high, with the legs
the seat is 20 inches long and 16 inches wide
The roll on top is 7 wide, 8 inches wide and the length is the same as the seat's width 16 inches.

I was trying to show off the paint, and how my cat picked on the top of the chair!!!  I stopped letting him in the room with it,but the damage was done.  He doesn't pick on ANY THING IN MY HOUSE!

SEE!!  The second I took it out of my room, he was on it!!!  Bad Kitty!!!

THE JOB!  Can anyone sew a slip cover for this mini chaise lounge!!!
I want a ruffle around the bottom, because those legs are the wrong color and look for what I am going with.
And the color isn't right for what my room looks  like.

IF you can make this chair a slipcover, I will pay for the fabric and your labor.  I will not send the chair to you!!  I just want a slipcover for it.  I will get more exact measurements for you.

What do you think?  Do YOU think you can do it??? 
I will be THRILLED to find someone!!  And what better place than Pink Saturday!!!!!
Thanks ladies!!  You are awesome!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


How is everyone doing today?    It is WICKED hot here in New Jersey!  Too hot to do much renovation work. So, I have been cool in  the studio!!  Doing wonderful things!!!

These are some images from the "Colorful Beauties" set at Dezinaworld !!  There are 9 images in this set.  I love looking at these beautiful ladies. They are both very white with the color coming from their clothes and hats.  I picked cardstock to match the beauty, and used stamps on it first, then the image and embelishments!!  I used some gauze behind one, and book paper behind the other.

If you follow my crazy blog, you know that I LOVE making tags!!  And with new images to play with, it was a treat to make these!!!

Enjoy the day!  I hope it isn't as hot where you are!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Oh my heck!  I just realized it is TUESDAY!!  How could I forget! CREATIVE TUESDAY!!!  Everyone has been frazzled with summer here, and our "due date" had been extended.  SO, I almost forgot!!

I took a quick picture, that is NOT good, but it is still Tuesday!!  SO, I made it!!! LOL!!!
Clearly, I had a flash, or sunlight crisis on the right. ugh. 

I thought of the water, and the beach  when I saw the theme was "summer break".  And I thought of the song "Summertime".  The Janis Joplin version.  I love to think that when it is Summertime, the livin' really is easy!  So I wrote that line of Lyrics in the "sand" portion.  Although the song is so much more than that one line, I just thought it would fit in the sand.

Colored pencils and that is IT!!!  

I can't wait to see what everyone else made!! 


Today I show you my first creation for Dezinaworld!  I LOVE collage sheets.  I am such a dork, I have them in individual folders for each company, magazine, or free designs I have,  There is nothing finer than just having a great idea, then looking in the folder and VOILA!!!  It all comes together!!

This sheet is AMAZING!  It is called Graceful Beauties.  9 gorgeous images come on this sheet.  Lucky me!!!
But, If you are a digital artist, NO PROBLEM!!  Dezinaworld sheets come in both formats!!  How awesome is that!!!

I LOVE this card!!  I feel like I can send it to EVERYONE here in blog land!!  

Thank you all for visiting, and thank you again Dezinaworld for having me!!  Go check out their awesome site!!  They have sheets as low as $1!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


When I got my mail on Saturday, I was soooo surprised!!!  I knew that I won this coffee sack from
Dee at A Lapin Life, but she also sent me some pink tags and thank you notes!!!

How sweet is that? She said she saw them and thought of me!!  She is so awesome!
Thank you so much Dee!!  

And there was another box!  This one from Cindy Adkins of Whimsical Musings!

This is the little matchbox purse she just had published in Altered Arts Magazine!!
AND, she also sent Dee a collage made with burlap!! 
Just because!!

And that is my point!  I've never before just got things in the mail, for no good reason!!  Just because they thought of me, just because something reminded them of me!  Just because they are AWESOME!!!!!

And I thank you both for your thoughtfulness and kindness!!  I am a very lucky person to know wonderful friends like you!!!

And I am getting very close to the end of my "newbie" status!  I won't be able to join
Much longer.  I think 2 weeks?  I know I am a bit late, but I have to get my last posts linked up!!  Debbie is another person who does things just because.  She is a very awesome lady!!

Have a great day everyone!!  And thank you, my friends, again!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


 Happy Pink Saturday!!!!  Our lovely Hostess, Beverly of How Sweet the Sound, is awesome for doing this every single week!!  Be sure to visit her first!!!

So, I do have a  pink offering to show you, but first, BIG NEWS!!!!! I was asked to design for DEZINAWORLD!!!!   Can you believe it???  June, the owner, offers such awesome papers and collage sheets!  The whole team is just amazing!!  I am honored and flattered, and a bit dizzy over this!!  How awesome is this??  I can't wait to start showing off my creations!!  And say Thank You June so much for having me!~!!!~~~~

As for Pink Saturday, I am showing you my newly spray painted nest and eggs!

I spray painted them white, and added a pink ribbon for Pink Saturday!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!  Thanks for visiting!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely comments you left for me at the Screaming Sardine.  You are the best blog friends any girl could have!!!  I was touched at your kindness!  You are all super stars in my book!!  I can never thank you enough!  It is because of you that I LOVE blogging!!!!

And  now, moving on, I made a card.  My sweet friend Lynne from Adorn, is on the design team for The Stampsmith.   They have the most beautiful stamps!!!!  And the first challenge of the month, you can use any stamp from any company.  At  the end of the month, after the challenges are done, someone can win a $10 gift certificate to their store!!  Awesome!!!

So, I made this Christmas Card!
I used some stamps that I've had for YEARS from Close to my Heart.  The tree and the sentiment. But the rest is my  style.  A torn doily, ripped paper, sheet music, ink, flower and ribbon, a mish mosh of things!  And I love how this turned out!!!!  I haven't made a card to share here on my blog in forever!!!  I guess it was about time right??????

There is a blog party right now 
My friend Cindy Adkins and her friend Marcia are hosting it.  Cindy asked me if I wanted to add my card from this post!!  How awesome is that?
It is a Whit Christmas in July party!!
You can link up at Cindy's blog or Marcia's blog.  Just click the links above!!

Hope you join!!!  You could win a $25 gift certificate!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have a few things to tell you today!!  Grab a seat, and lets get to it!!

My friend Marit had a blog post the other day about a new blog.  She showed this announcement.
Geri is the awesome owner of this brain child!!  She has since added Paper Crafters to her list.
I emailed Geri about this venture.  Then I signed up!!
It is an awesome list of tons of bloggers, all by category!  You can sign up for up to 3 categories.  I only picked paper crafts.  There are another 2 I could pick, but I started out small!!!

In Geri's own words, " Artsee Bloggers was designed to create a permanent space to explore the work of blogging artists".

You can find Artsee Bloggers Here.  Go see if there is a category for you!!  Geri also has a blog "My Heart Art".  She is amazing!!


If you remember, I was interviewed by Tracy, and .I also had a giveaway there of some gorgeous pieces of 
Cindy Adkins amazing art!!.  Tracy was to pick the winner and she has posted that the winner is:

Connie from The Crafter Bug


I will be having another giveaway very soon.  I've made tons of stuff, and I'm running out of room!!  Stay tuned for that!!  

Have a fabulous day!!a

Sunday, July 10, 2011


What a weekend!!

We have been renovating our new home, as I've mentioned a million times.  SOOOO crazy!!  Today was the day we finish up the master bedroom, he said.  BUT as you will see by these pictures, FINISHED UP WHAT???
An old quilt covering the mattress.  Stuff EVERYWHERE. ugh.

Bad Picture of my bedroom armoire.  It is in the LIVING ROOM!

My bedroom sliding glass door cornice.  On the dining room floor.  Brilliant.

BUT, it is still being put together.  When it is done, you will be the first to know!!!

And, before this, I had time to alter that tin plate I bought from my favorite Junque store for $1.  I placed a doily, a piece of sheet music and a pig wearing a crown from The Graphics Fairy, a piece of my grandmothers lace and a few flowers.  My son large picked out the pig.  I think he is a handsome pig!!  He deserved to be on something special!!

Close up of the art on the plate!!  I don't know where I will put it, but I love it!!

And so, I have to go back to fixing my bedroom.  If I don't do something, I will have no where to sleep!!

I am linking up to the awesome Debbie's Newbie Party, (can you believe it is my last month to join in??)

EEK!!  And don't forget to get in on my giveaway on Screaming Sardine!!  Click the link to try for a chance!!  The winner is being picked tomorrow!!

Have an awesome evening/day!!!