Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello friends!!  What have all of you been doing this summer?  I have been getting  organized and getting house projects finished.  In between that, I have been spending time with the boys, which I always enjoy!!  I LOVE when they are home from school!  I love watching movies with them, and playing games during the day.  I love talking to them, hearing what's on their minds.  They are just such a joy to have home!!  And it has been hectic, crazy, tiring and great all at the same time!!!

So, between ALL of that, I still managed to make something!!  Actually, I got my studio cleaned today ( I am such a messy artist!!!) and I saw that I have more than 10 paper crafts already done, and more than 10 items to alter!!  Which makes me happy, I love thinking about how to re-do stuff.  And, as I said I have tons!!!

So, this item I made was SUPPOSED to be to go on a clip board.  I was sure I had one, and was sure that I would have found it today when I spent the whole day cleaning.  BUT, NO!!!  An item as easy as a clipboard, I can not find here!!  I  swore I had 30 of them!!!!  Maybe when we are completely unpacked (in 10 years) I will find them, but for now, I have the piece made for when I go out and buy one!!
I was so happy to have this made, and was all ready to decoupage!!  The background and the cute baby girl with her baby doll are from Dezinaworld.  The hot pink lace is from my stash as is the old bingo card.  Random flowers, and a tag from Melissa Frances finished it off.  I used a Martha Stewart punch along the bottom, and Tim Holtz distress ink all over the place!!

It will be perfect for the clipboard I can not find!

SO, what have YOU been doing?????
I hope it is wonderful!!!


  1. hey, thats really pretty,, very nice, so far this summer I have painted alot of watercolor paintings, sewn three pair of baggy linen slacks, one quilt and made a rag doll for my grandaughter,, I have been very busy so I'm taking august off!

  2. That is so cute!~ You sound like you have been super busy too. I have been hanging out enjoying my boys too.

  3. Your collages are always amazing! I love the picture of the girl on this one. LOL and can I relate to the cleaning of the work room! I did that last week (you'd never know it) and found all kinds of 'things' I had forgotten about and then my mind goes off on other tangents and I keep forgetting I was SUPPOSED to be cleaning, not creating!

  4. Hope you find your clipboard! I used to love having the kids home from school too, but this year is the first kids! My youngest joined the air force and now he is sad. I have been painting up a storm though mostly commission work. Have a great day! :-)

  5. Ahh.. I have a room that has boxes and boxes dumped of everything under the sun..but the motivation to create hasn't hit me yet!
    I hope you find your clipboard... or maybe I will find one in my mess for you!

  6. Oh, this is beautiful, Daniella!! And I adore that image--how perfect for your gorgeous collage!!

  7. I love it Daniella!

    My boys have tired me out. lol


  8. PINK PINK I LOVE THE COLOR PINK!! The baby girl with her doll is darling. I think the hot pink lace and the flower make it. I think it's great that you're spending so much time with your boys. I still spend alot of time with my son and he's 20. Sons are the best.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  9. Daniella
    This is very pretty. The hot pink is a great addition.

  10. Oh my.. what have I been doing - do you really wanna know? OK, here it goes: Work (write articles for a scrapbook magazine), create some stuff (less than I wanted to), watch DVD's with 'my men', prepare workshops, prepare something 'big' that is not yet to be reveiled (assorbs most of my time at the moment!)... what am I missing here? Oh yah, right... clean the house. Haven't done that much... I need to find me a goblin (maybe a whole goblin family) to come do that for me soon!