Sunday, July 10, 2011


What a weekend!!

We have been renovating our new home, as I've mentioned a million times.  SOOOO crazy!!  Today was the day we finish up the master bedroom, he said.  BUT as you will see by these pictures, FINISHED UP WHAT???
An old quilt covering the mattress.  Stuff EVERYWHERE. ugh.

Bad Picture of my bedroom armoire.  It is in the LIVING ROOM!

My bedroom sliding glass door cornice.  On the dining room floor.  Brilliant.

BUT, it is still being put together.  When it is done, you will be the first to know!!!

And, before this, I had time to alter that tin plate I bought from my favorite Junque store for $1.  I placed a doily, a piece of sheet music and a pig wearing a crown from The Graphics Fairy, a piece of my grandmothers lace and a few flowers.  My son large picked out the pig.  I think he is a handsome pig!!  He deserved to be on something special!!

Close up of the art on the plate!!  I don't know where I will put it, but I love it!!

And so, I have to go back to fixing my bedroom.  If I don't do something, I will have no where to sleep!!

I am linking up to the awesome Debbie's Newbie Party, (can you believe it is my last month to join in??)

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Have an awesome evening/day!!!


  1. beautiful job on the plate for sure,, The sign "keep calm and carry on" applies here I think, it will all work out,,I think your blog is wonderful and one would never know you have only been blogging such a short time,, you're like a real pro and helped me lots,, thankyou for being such a good blogging buddy

  2. Hello Daniella,

    Wow! That plate is so unique! No wonder you don't know where to place it.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Thats a great redo, I have that pig saved on my computer thinking I needed to do something with him too...ha ha. Great minds think alike and love pigs with crowns?!?!?! Hope you have a great day! Hugs, Kim
    PS love your bed!

  4. I love the pig on the plate. It should be at my home to remind me not to over eat. lol

    My home is in a tizzy too. I live in an old home and every room has been getting a makeover. It can be frustration but so worth it in the end. Hang in there.


  5. Hi Daniella! Breathe girl! It'll all get done when it's least for the last 6 months here with my M & D..that's my motto. Cause if not I'm gonna go bonkers. ...SIGH
    Don't worry about Blogger they'll get the kinks out..anyway I know ya stop by. I understand sometimes you don't have time to sit and type tho. I've pulled my muscles in my back and legs and well, with a cracked tailbone to boot I can't sit very long,( that's why I've been doin weekly posts makes it easier and haven't been able to type) Ya know I got to thinkin Blogger has worked very well for the 4 yrs I've been bloggin..all of a sudden it's goofy...I wonder if someone is hackin in just to stir things up.....okay that's my conspiracy theory for the week..hahaha
    oAnd, my real comment. I love those PS tags
    They are too pretty.

  6. oh hun take a deep breath you will get there know how you feel took me ages to get my room finished,but so so worth it in the end just love your bed hun,its gorgeous and as for your plate that is just brilliant just love love it hugs cherylxxxx

  7. I love that piggy plate! I hope you find some space to sleep tonight! Just imagine how wonderful your bedroom will be when it is done! X

  8. Well, at least you won't be sleeping in the kitchen anymore!;>) I know you must be anxious to get it done...especially when it is your room to "get away" after a hard day.

    Love your piggy plate. It is really cute. And, it is hard to believe this is your last month to join DebbieDoo. What a blessing that blog is to new bloggers! xo Diana

  9. LOve your tin plate, the piggy is so cute! I hope you have a place to sleep by now Danielle!

  10. Hi Daniella
    What a quirky image. I can see why you love it :)

  11. Hi Daniella,
    Your plate is adorable! and I love your bed and armoire--gorgeous!!!
    I know how it feels to have the house torn apart--I went through it last week!!


  12. Daniella, thank you so much for posting our Mountain of Giveaway button on your blog. It's so wonderful to meet so many amazing, inspiring people through this medium. I am your newest follower and will be catching up on your blog!!

  13. So happy you took time to do the plate and share but I hope you founbd a place to sleep.
    Redoing any room takes longer than one can ever imagine.

  14. LOVE the pig plate, Daniella! It's adorable. And I don't know what I'd do without the Graphics Fairy. Have fun finishing up with the house and your bedroom. It always takes us 10X longer than we expect things to take. I hope you can finish in the bedroom this week? Have a good one!


  15. Our living room is torn-up right now because we are in the process of converting it into an art studio, so I feel your pain. The pig plate is fantastic! :D Love him!

    Ricki Jill

  16. Hello Daniella,
    I saw your blog on Art @ Home. My daughter's name is Danelle. Your blog is so pretty, charming, and unique. The colors are dazzling. I see you are interested in Interior Design. My daughter, Jess, is an Interior Designer and has her degree in it. I love the movie Gladiator too. In fact, I have a huge picture of it in my family room. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would really enjoy coming back to visit you and seeing all your creative, wonderful ideas. Hope to hear from you, and have a beautiful week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  17. Hi Daniella,
    I can just imagine you are in the midst of getting everything arranged!! It will be FUN when it's done and look fabulous!!!