Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!  Please remember to visit our wonderful hostess Beverly!!!

I didn't have any pictures of actual pink things.  I own a ton of them, but haven't taken photos. So, I did a piece of Zentangle Inspired Art and put a pink tint on it!!  The piece is for the challenge at I am the Diva's Blog.  We had to make a Mardi Gras inspired piece!  I made a mask, and tried to make it look like beads were on top of it.  I doodled inside the mask.
Thank you so much for visiting me!
Have an awesome weekend!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


DUH!!!  Because my boys were off Monday for President's weekend, I thought TOMORROW was Tuesday!

Now, I am in under the wire for Creative Tuesdays!!!! ugh!  Our theme was "Shoes".  I made this piece.

I painted the background green, and I actually drew (is that how you spell that?) the shoe, and filled it in with a collage of shoes from random magazines!!  I added some fun bling and a big yellow jewel.  I wrote "shoes-jewelry for our feet".  Don't you agree??

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Beverly at How Sweet the Sound hosts this party every week, so we can all get together and show our love of pink!!  Please be sure to visit her, her blog is awesome!

I had a very nice Valentines Day, and I hope you all did too!  I took pictures of my new flowers to share today.

 The red roses opened sooooo beautifully didn't they?

 And the pink ones bloomed beautifully too.  I think they are different roses.  The red are so smooth and velvety, and the pink look like they have points almost on the petals.  Do you know what their names are?
They are still standing straight up since Tuesday!  My roses usually always bend at the neck right away.  So I am delighted!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day everyone!  I hope you are all getting ready to spend the evening with your sweetheart!
I finished my cards and I made a couple of ATC's too.

I used several of June from Dezinaworld's images.  I don't want to be a downer, but Dezinaworld is on hold for a bit due to health issues.  Please send her your best wishes!!

And enjoy your Valentines day!!!

I'm linking up to Cindy's Woman Thing Link Party!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday~~  Our hostess Beverly suggested we celebrate Valentine's Day this week.

I am showing a few cards and treats I made.

These are 2 of my cards and 2 little treat boxes.

This card uses a Valentine image from Dezinaworld.  Are those too little sweethearts adorable or what???

These are the little treat boxes. There are only M&Ms and Kisses in them, but a pretty box makes them so much tastier I think.

This is a big fan card, with a cute sticker "PS I {Heart} you".

So those are some of my Valentines!!  I will show more on Valentine's Day!!
Have an awesome weekend!!

I just got a lovely email from The Tablescaper.
She has a wonderful blog and she hosts a party called "Seasonal Sundays".  She asked me to join the fun so this post will also be linked to that party!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Our host, Mr. Toast, gave us the prompt of "Pattern".
Pattern?  Oh YEAH!!  That's my style!!

I made 2 zentangles (pattern!!!) for this challenge.  I know only one will count, but I want to show the original, and the one where I take it that one step too far!!

*Remember, you can click to enlarge*

This is the first one.  I used a red pen and filled in a heart shape with doodles.  I added some scrolls and other outside pretties.  All of the lines are one stroke. The circles, lines, netting, checks.  Just a single stroke (for the most part!!!) and that was it.  I wanted to do more!!!  So I took a picture here first.

 Here, I went over the lines more, and used a colored pencil to try to do some shading.  I have no idea how to shade something, but I tried.  And going over the lines more turned out good.

Which one do you like better?

I hope you visit the other wonderful artists, and see their "Patterns"!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Happy Monday everyone!
Today is Cindy's "Woman thing link party".  It will be from today through Friday, and you can put up anything you want.  Home decor to art, the choice is yours!!

I am showing my lotus style milk glass.  I keep this out on top of my little china/curio cabinet that I keep some of my favorite depression glass pieces in.

 I love this 3 piece set.  It looks beautiful no matter where you put it.

Then I thought I would just show off the cabinet again while I was there.  I love looking at my glass.

That's it!
Please click the link above and join the party!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday everyone!  As always, thank you Miss Beverly!!  Please visit her blog How Sweet The Sound and see her pinks!!

I got some happy mail recently, and I want to show it to you!

First, I got a Valentines Day ATC from Sherry.  She is so sweet!  Thank you!!

Then I got a package from June of Dezinaworld.  Everyone knows how awesome and generous she is.  She sent me a belated birthday gift!!  I don't make a big deal about my birthday, and I can't remember if I put it on my blog or not??  I think I did?  I don't know, but this was a wonderful surprise!!

Inside were all of these pretty pink packages!

And this gorgeous lace and ribbon!!

This package had buttons and bits and bobs.

And beautiful book paper, sheet music and ephemera bits were in this little package.

How awesome!  This package had bits of fabrics!!

The last little package had pretty lace flowers, feathers and a pretty wood bird!

It's a whole mixed media kit when you put it all together!
I can't wait to start creating!!

I am working on my Valentines for my guys.  I will show them next Pink Saturday when the theme is Valentines Day!!  I know I will find plenty of uses for my new things!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am finally able to sit at this computer, and begin the awesome blog visiting I love to do every week!!
But I had to find something to put up on my blog too.
I met this really sweet woman Patti from Ivy and Elephants a week or so ago, and she has a party every week called "What's it Wednesday's".  I figured my birdcage  would work good for the party.

I've had this birdcage for years.  It was black, and over the summer I spray painted it white.  I happened to find this ribbon at the dollar store and it is the perfect match to my curtains!  How cool is that?

Close up of the nest inside.  I got these nests with little robin's eggs inside at the craft store.  They are brown twig nests and look awesome wherever you put them.  I spray painted one of them white, and placed it inside the birdcage, with the little blue eggs. I left some raffia hanging around, like the birds were bringing it to the cage to put in the nest.   

Have an awesome day!!

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