Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am finally able to sit at this computer, and begin the awesome blog visiting I love to do every week!!
But I had to find something to put up on my blog too.
I met this really sweet woman Patti from Ivy and Elephants a week or so ago, and she has a party every week called "What's it Wednesday's".  I figured my birdcage  would work good for the party.

I've had this birdcage for years.  It was black, and over the summer I spray painted it white.  I happened to find this ribbon at the dollar store and it is the perfect match to my curtains!  How cool is that?

Close up of the nest inside.  I got these nests with little robin's eggs inside at the craft store.  They are brown twig nests and look awesome wherever you put them.  I spray painted one of them white, and placed it inside the birdcage, with the little blue eggs. I left some raffia hanging around, like the birds were bringing it to the cage to put in the nest.   

Have an awesome day!!

Linking to the WIW party!


  1. Love this Daniella! So quirky and so detailed. And ,yes, the ribbon is the perfect match for your curtains!
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow ! lovely job, you thought of everything,
    Chris xxoo

  3. oh wow I love this, nothing makes my heart go pitter patter like nests,,beautiful

  4. Daniella! That is just so cute. I love it! The little nest is so cute inside the cage. xo Diana

  5. What a sweet bird cage! LOVE that little nest and painting it white really makes it and the eggs stand out!! LOVE those gals over at Ivy and Elephants -- aren't their collections stunning?!

  6. I have a number of birdcages too, but none as fine as yours!

  7. I've always wondered what to do with those bird cages, and now I know. Yours is awesome! I love the pieces of rafia like the birds brought it. Very clever!

  8. This is darling, Daniella! I have a little cage but I never thought to put a nest in it! How cute!!


  9. Beautiful Birdcage. I like the color change and the addition of the ribbon is awesome since it matches your curtains. Happy Wednesday...

  10. Fantastic bird cage - love the nest and little eggs - so "country" looking just gorgeous!!

  11. Gorgeous Daniella! Love how you put it all together to make it awesome!

  12. Hi Daniella,

    Your birdcage is beautiful! I love how you added the nest with some raffia. The eggs are very pretty too.


  13. What a beautiful bird cage, Daniella! Love the nest and little eggs ... and so very well displayed.

    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

  14. Oh Daniella,
    Your birdcage is completely gorgeous--I LOVE it!!! WOW!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend~

  15. Neat idea! I wish I had your creativity.