Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Welcome back to Art Journal Wednesday!!

I have a few different things to show you, so lets get to it!!

As I said the other day, this is an idea from Julie and her brain child "Art Journal Everyday".Here is the picture of both sides of the journal.

I didn't do a color page, I just did the inside cover and the opening page.  I took a composition notebook from my "school supplies for the boys" drawer, and went through it and ripped out almost half of the pages.  I did it with a ruler, not just ripping them out, because the composition notebook is bound like a book, so if you rip out a page in the front, you will also lose one in the back.  Tearing out the pages leaves tons of room for lots of elements on your pages, without the bulk.  Anyway, I used multiple types of patterned paper for the inside cover, the most rainbow type papers I had in my scrap bin..  **remember, I'm working with only 25% of my supplies right now, up from 1%*****  I placed all the scraps in strategic  ways for the best coverage, and attached them with gel medium.

Close up of inside of cover

Gel medium, spray ink, ink pads, stencils, and IDK what else!

Then, I made the cover page.  I've decided to name this journal "An Expedition into Color!!  An expedition is usually a group, but since I'm going to share this with all of you, I figured WE are an expedition!!  And our task is to find colors of all kinds!!

I have a love of fancy lettering.  It is something I practice, and something I really love to do.  I have calligraphy pens, fountain pens, lettering charts.  So, I wanted to make the title fancy, and I did my fancy lettering.  I added Tim Holtz tissue tape also, and this is my most favorite new thing!!  The thickness of tissue paper, but sticky like tape!  LOVE it!.  I did my inking, stenciling, and spraying here too.  I also added some rainbow looking fabric, and some rainbow looking images .  I used a glue stick to stick 3 or 4 pages together, and taped them with gaffers tape.

 Then, I did a couple of pages for a different site that I'm following, called Art Journaling Daily.  There Tracie gives prompts to encourage art journaling daily. Very similar to Julie above!!  I am behind with both of these ladies, because I didn't know about them until last month.  So, I am using several ideas at once here.  One page is just a idea of hers was to make random backgrounds so you are ready to art journal at any time.  Here is one I've made:

I used tons of things for this.  The usual sprays, and inks, and stencils and stamps, and some writing, and then, I used gel medium to attach a paper towel that I've used to pick up paint.  Over the top, I used paint dabbers (daubers??  IDK).  This is lookin' real good for me to work on!!

Next, I made a page using another prompt.  The prompt is to write, big and have it not able to be seen, really.  Let it be seen some, but scribble, write, all over a page.

After writing, I painted over, doodled under ant layered some images on top!

Thanks for visiting me today!!  Have a fabulous week!!


  1. Oh wow dear... you did some major art journaling!!! LOVE the 'expedition' opening page... and I've fallen in love with patterned tapes lately (I just find Tim Holtz's too expensive, but I want the '7 gypsies' I saw a while ago...) THe colours are gorgeous, as is your lettering! I also love your background page with the blue, such a nice colour!!! YOu go girl!!!

  2. Hi Daniella! What color on such a gray rainy day here in Cincinnati! That is beautiful.
    And, to answer your question...yes I use a rider whenever provided (can't afford one and too young to get one like on tv..hehe)
    I've had a floating kneecap since HS (31 yrs ago) still have cartilidge tho. Docs say if i still got it wait till I'm older...LOL..I turned I not older?! Anyway, after all these years and many more falls I've pinched nerves, hurt the the leg.
    I've pulled the sciatic way too many times, chipped the tailbone and cracked it. Have I mentioned I was a stuntwomen in a previous life...just kidding....and now its affecting my good leg and hips...sooooooooooooooooooo,
    rather than having it all swell more I get in the rider at Wal-mart, the grocery store, flea markets,and some antiques malls if they have least for as long as I can...HA
    remember that tailbone, well, my rear goes to sleep if I sit too long. For pete's sake don't know which is worse...LOL...charlie horse or tingly little needles in the rear.
    Okay, as long as nothin is fallin off I'm fine and rarin to go ;) Altho I do catch myself lookin behind me to see if there's something layin back there.
    I must be off..type ya later.

  3. I don't comment nearly as often as I should, but I truly, truly love spending time looking at all your creations. I am so THRILLED to see you creating! You inspire me in more ways than you can possibly know!!!