Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi and thanks for visiting me for this WOYWW!  Please click the link and visit the lovely Julia to see what I'm talking about!!!

Here is my desk.
I am covering up work that is SECRET!!!  But I want to tell you about 2 things in this picture.
The first is the 4 pack of  glue runners.  They were at TJ Maxx for $5.  What the heck???  For those of you who don't know, TJ Maxx is a clothing/home goods type of store and they do not offer crafty things.  Why did they have these glue runners?  I don't know but I grabbed them quick!!  $1.25 a roll!  screaming deal for 100 feet!!!!  

The other thing is the droppers behind the glue runners.  There are 2 in a pack and they were $1.  Was it a bargain?  I have no idea.  But they will be great with my splash inks and other things.  I'm always looking for droppers and since they were $1, I bought 4.

That's all here.  Thank you so much for visiting and enjoy the party!!!


  1. I've probably said it before but I like your blog banner.
    Lynn //52

  2. Great buys and as you say unusual for them to have craft products. Love that your work is a secret? intriguing :0)
    Happy WOYWW Heather #85

  3. Awesome deals...going to TJMaxx tomorrow to check it out. Probably won't have them here but it is a good excuse to get out for a while! I found some nice punches at the TJ MAxx here in town for $3.99 each. Wonder whats up with that? Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing with us! Vickie #41

  4. Hahaa... when you say it is a 'secret' you can bet on it that I enlarge the photo and look extra carefully.. *teehee* I see music sheet paper and there is distress ink and a sponge? No doubt there's another marvelous Daniella piece in the make!

  5. My TK Maxx has quite a few crafty things, I found by accident!!

  6. I think you did some real bargain shopping there and I am sure you will find uses for them no problem. You might even find yourself rushing out to get some more before they sell out
    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  7. Secret stuff. Must be something fabulous in the make. Can't wait until you can share. Happy Wednesday! LisaDV #116

  8. Hey Daniella, tis me!
    It seems like years since I visited you...but even though I should be fast asleep now I thought I'd just nip in quickly.
    Secret squirrels eh? It all sounds very exciting and you certainly picked up some bargins there ;D
    I haven't entered WOYWW for a few weeks because I just couldn't get to do my artwork with trying to visit everyone so I've decided I may enter only once a month...that way I might have more to show. That's my plan anyway...let's hope it works!
    I hope you are having a fantastic week ~ enjoy WOYWW and say hi to the gang!

  9. Love it when you find a crafty bargain!
    Have a good week

  10. Thanks for the enabler alert! Can't wait to see whats hiding underneath! ~Diane

  11. Girl you are making me want to run out in this stinking rainy mess going on are outside and see if my TJs has any deals. I always seem to miss them. I sometimes find stuff at Marshalls.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see your secret you are hiding!

    Come play on my desk when you are free!

    Belinda (103)

  12. I love a bargain Daniella - but with the cost of flights.....oh well I'll have to wait for that lottery win ;-) Loving all the animal prints on your desk today. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 120

  13. Who would have thought TJ Max!!! Guess I need to drop by the local one now and again. Great find!!
    Krisha #32

  14. Now that is a Wild and Crazy creative desk with that zebra and cheetah/leopard print going on. Excellent deals my dear. Sunshine Smiles...

  15. Great deals and love TJ Max!

    Love the wild animal ribbons and papers on your desk! Just had Little Miss C over today and tried to talk her into a wild animal card...showed her some lovely papers like these...but she wan't biting. Instead chose to do a hot pink Easter bunny! Oh my!

  16. Can't beat a bargain on tape! Eye droppers, now why didn't I think of those! Just what I need...... Happy WOYWW! Nan #1

  17. Brilliant deals amazing what you find in homeware/hardware stores. I am so envious, I have been looking for cheap droppers here for ages and I am not paying $6 each for them either.

    Hhhmmmm what are you hiding? you could of left a little snippet to tease us... LOL

    Hugs Eliza
    Who is not participating in the desk hop this week, work got in the way and end of the month billing.

  18. Oh yes, I love TJ Maxx! We don't have a local one but when I see one elsewhere's I have to stop and just run in for a quick look because I have found some amazing bargains on craft stuff there. Like the big sets of Inkadinkadoo stamps for $1.99! Oh, the bliss that day! lol Anyways, now I always check them out and they usually have at least a few crafty things for super prices so always worth a peek if you've got the time and the dime. ;) Can't wait to see what's under wraps! Deeyll #141

  19. Hi Daniella,

    Yep, my TJ Maxx has actually had rubber stamps, washi tape, papers, etc.... including Martha Stewart brand. If you have Ross' they too will carry crafty stuff once in a while. Doesn't it feel good when you find something like that!!

    I'm so slow in getting around this week. Thank you so much for your compliment on my canvas. I'm happy with it.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #60

  20. can't beat a crafty bargain, I haven't found any in TK Maxx but my friend did loads of scrapbook papers just what she was looking for too. Tracy #72