Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm back again!!  I said I'd show some FINISHED pages today, and believe it or not, IT"S TRUE!!!

I never thought I'd get these 2 pages done!!

I've told you all about my house looking like a crime scene.  It is madness, boxes, bags, furniture, junk EVERYWHERE!!  But, I put all of my art supplies in totes, not boxes.  Heaven forbid they got wet!!!  And, I numbered every tote too.  I have 16 huge  plastic totes filled with art supplies.  And, they are in the middle of this madness.  So, I am like on :"art survivor" or something. I have to dig, move junk, try to carry stuff, which I can't do in the first place, and just use what I find.  In the 2 pages I've made, you will see yellow paint.  Why on both pages?  BECAUSE IT WAS THE ONLY PAINT I COULD FIND!!.  I also used other random things that I found.  It is madness!!

So, first, I want to show you the Art Journal Everyday page.  I am most excited about this page because I made my very first collage person!  I got a copy of "Womens Health" magazine yesterday.  Really??  Anyway, I was able to get the legs, feet and one hand from there, and the torso and head is from a collage sheet I bought from Artchix Studio (who are awesome by the way).  I think it is cool!!

close up of collage!

The second page is my page for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.  The prompt is "Time".  The Challenge element is "Numbers".  The song is "Butterflies and Hurricanes" by Muse.  I like that song, so I wrote some of the lyrics on my yellow page.  I also used some inks that I found.  And, how perfect is this, I actually found a  clock stamp!!  The wings on the clock came from Artchix Studio as well. 

So that is it for me today!!  Remember, Monday is Valentines day!!  I'm doing a "Love Story" linky party then, hosted by Karen at My Desert Cottage.  There is still time to join!
Have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. these are great! wow 16 totes, good idea to number them, I have the hardest time with labels I have learned to get the clear totes:) congrats on getting so much done!

  2. Well done Danielle. I know how much this means to you. To get stuck in again after all this time must feel good because it shows here. You've worked hard and well to create some awesome work. Don't lose the flow now, will you.
    Hugs Helen xxx

  3. Love to see your process and then the finished pages! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Creating is such a important part of my life. I'm so glad you are now able to get to it again! I always have these grand plans to do a fabulous art journal, and have yet to even do one whole page, so good for you! Even among all your chaos you are making it happen! Have an awesome weekend honey!

  5. You're on the roll my friend! Love the yellow paint, so don't bother about finding an other colour :) Your collage is awesome, with the skeleton behind it and the journaling it all comes together! Love your Time page too! I ordered me 'wings' stamps and hope to do some flying on my pages too when the stamps arrive. I love wings!

  6. I love how you drew the skeleton, fabulous page!

  7. Awesome pages! And I absolutely LOVE your collage person!