Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello Friends!!  Thanks for visiting today!!  I'm linking to Debbie Doo's Newbie Party!!  If you want to meet some inspiring blogers, click the link and join the party!!

A week ago, I made a pink bottle, using vintage things, and an image from the Graphics Fairy (click on button on right sidebar).  I entered it in ArtCHIX studio's Easter Challenge.  I didn't EXACTLY win, but I, along with 5 others, got a free digital collage sheet!!  I haven't  picked mine out yet.  But I can't wait to browse their store!!  I've already bought things from them, and everything is fabulous!

Then, this very morning, I get an email from my new awesome friend Cindy Adkins.  She is amazing.  Her art is gorgeous, and she has a magazine too!!  She has been so helpful to me too.  I can be a BIT hyper? at times?  fairly intense and cold and unfriendly so i've been told.  And yet so many of you have been so nice to me!!  And I love you all for that.  For seeing that I'm not completely mental.  Or, not being mad at me for being mental!  Anyway,  she had a party last week, and I won there too!!  My very own piece of her gorgeous art!  Click on the link above to see her beautiful work, and her fun blog!!

And, in closing (*snort* like i'm giving a speech!!) I think you are all fabulous, and I hope you keep hanging out with me!!  YOU are awesome!!


  1. Congrats on your win Daniella! Thanks for joining my newbie party.

  2. Yes, congratualtions, Daniella. Hahah--your sing off is priceless

  3. Congrats on your "co-win." You rock!

  4. Now that's a way to start this week... read your happy post!!! Congrats on being a winner - picking up a collage sheet should be fun, fun, FUN!!!! Enjoy my dear, and have a happy week!

  5. Hello Daniella, I'm here from the newbie party and will have a look around! Looks great here!

  6. Yes Daniella you are quite unfriendly......
    you goof!!! You see I said goof not Nut, or Mental. HEHEHE. Isn't Cindy so special. I love her work...yours ain't shabby ya know.
    Congrats on the win and have fun picking out your sheet!

  7. Hi Daniella,
    Well, I think you are so FUN! and brighten this blog world!!

  8. Hi Daniella,
    You are following me. You were one of my very first followers. I so love those jars with the wire around them. Thanks for the comment on my kitchen. I'm following you.

  9. Cottage Colors Party is a week long party at You write a new post, recyle one, or just use your fav color swatch of pinks..I had thought of using vintage paint colors I found in a vintage mag, but thought no.
    The party happens every 4th Monday of each month with a different color. Next Monday is Market Monday every 1st Monday of the month. You can enter you selling site or just come and shop ;)

  10. Congrats on winning goodies and for being the winner that I know you are. :D

  11. Birds of a feather flock together...if you are mental, we all are then!