Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have joined a new group.  A zentangle group.  It is I Am the Diva.    The awesome Laura is the owner of the blog.  I asked her like 1,000 questions and she gave me all the answers I needed!!

For example.  I thought that you couldn't call them "zentangles".  But, she told me that I can.  She is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, so she knows.  I am doing "Zentngle Inspired Art" (ZIA).  Doodling with purpose.  Pretty neat, right?

She puts up a prompt on Monday, and the linky closes at midnight on Saturday.  Please come join if you love to tangle as much as I do!!!

Here are a few of my favorite tangles.

A blog friend Terrie of Creative Explorer even "gave me permission" to use pen now!! LOL!!  I was to afraid to!!  I only used pencil!  But, now that I'm joining this group, I actually used a pen for this week's prompt which is PARADOX.  

So the lovely Stacy told me to check out some paradox samples at Enthusiastic Artist's blog.  And so, here are my pieces for this challenge.

WARNING!! My tangles totally suck next to the work of the people I've mentioned, and everyone at I am the Diva.  They are beyond awesome!!!  BUT.  I felt the same way when I joined Creative Tuesdays too!!  We all have to start somewhere, right?

NOT even close.

Better, but not great.  I will be adding this one to the party.

So, expect more tangles from me!!  They are one of my fav things to do!!!  And check out the links I've highlighted, you will be amazed!!


  1. Hello Daniella,

    Love this bird, what are you going to use it on?
    Like the bigger one looking up...:o)


  2. Hey Daniella - thanks for the nice comments on my paradox efforts. While it takes a little practice, it's definitely a cool looking tangle, isn't it? And you picked this one to start using pen?! Brave girl! :) It turned out great - and your birds are just cool...I haven't tried adding tangles to a recognizable shape yet, but I will.

    Since I'm so new to the whole tangling thing, I'm going back and working through the Diva challenges from the beginning - I'm only on #7; I coerced a friend into "playing" with me and I'd love you to join us. Find her tab of Weekly Challenges or whatever it's called and start at the beginning and do one when you have time. I think my first 6 are all posted somewhere in my blog, so you can see my efforts. Hope you'll play when you can.

    Keep tangling.

  3. Great zentangles. I have done a few but sorta got away from it. There is a website with 5 trillion examples and they are very intimidating, I think thats when I stopped tangling. Maybe I will try again. Have a great evening. Hugs, Kim

  4. I doodle... but chicken scratch!
    Your doodles are superb!!!

  5. WOW, those are awesome!!! My email is completely down. I was wondering if I could feature your awesome cabinet on my new blog...Just let me know by leaving a message on my blog so I can post soon!! xo Cindy

  6. We had an exhibit @ Red Dot Gallery featuring drawings like this....but they were all in colored ink.

  7. your tangles are awesome. i've recently started doing these myself and find it to be great fun. keep it up. you're doing beautiful work. xo