Saturday, October 15, 2011


This weeks prompt at I am the Diva for our zentangle this week was Sunflower fun.  In South Africa, on October 12th they have bandanna day which is run by the Sunflower Fund.  The Sunflower Fund supports the South African Bone Marrow Registry, helping people who have leukemia.  Here is my Sunflower (sort of?).
I got carried away with the leaves of the flower, and then went "oh no!!  Now I have to make tangles in all of them!!  I started by doing my take on an official zentangle pattern called "striping".  After I did that 20 times, I had to just do my own thing.  I also didn't  want to do too much, or it would look like a huge black thing.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!


  1. oh hun how amazing are you gosh so talented really admire people that can do this and hun this is really brilliant just love it hugs cherylxx

  2. Great job, I like the way you combined simplified leaves with the denser striping tangle.

  3. It looks amazing!!!! Happy week! X

  4. I love this one! You are getting better with each one :) Love it!

  5. Daniella, another intricate zectangle! Way to go.

    As a CT contributor,jsut wanted to make sure I told you that I am closing Hot Toast and Jam so thought you might enjoy its last case you did not see that.

    I will still be visiting just not as much (as if I have been that frequent anyway) as one might expect when hosting a personal blog, verses an art one.

    Let me just say then, thank you for your support along the way and here's wishing you the best until we chat again.

  6. You are so talented! that is really pretty. I like that you left some of the leaves plain. It makes the zentangle really stand out.

  7. That is a wonderful organization, and I love sunflowers!!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. Oh, it's fabulous, Daniella!!! Love it!!!

  9. Hi Daniella! What a cool design. We used to do those in art class all the time..what fun.
    I have to admit at the flower shop our Del comp came with Microsoft Picture It! Desk Top Publishing. I did E-mail and PO newsletter.....but this program has soooo much more graphics..not just standard black and white.

  10. Great work my friend. I just popped by to say hello and wishing you the most beautiful week my friends,
    Hugs June xxx

  11. I see you're still tangling! I've fallen behind........but I'm going to start catching up!