Monday, December 5, 2011

PARTY DAY 1!!!!!

Hi!  And thanks for visiting my "Tag-a-Day Christmas" Party!!!  I will be giving away a tag every day this week, and a paper ornament (or 2).  When my awesome friend Cindy Adkins talked to me about this idea, I was confused.  People visiting my blog and me sending them stuff I made?  Do you think people like my work enough to want it?  Really?  Believe it or not it never occurred to me!!  I mean, I know you like me and my blog, but to want a piece of my work???  So I was so excited about this, and I got to work!! Cindy even made my button for me.  If you would put it on your sidebar, I would be so honored!!!  And if you don't know Cindy, please go check her out.  She is so talented in so many ways, and she has a free course offered under her header on her blog.!!

Here is today's tag.  It is about 6x4ish.  I painted it with Twinkling H2O's first and used the napkin transfer technique to get frosty on it.  I added some tiny cotton balls, a piece of sheet music from The Graphics Fairy, just a little bit.  Then I used some of Dezinaworld's images from a sheet called "word search".  It has tons of words that fit the holidays!   Awesome!!!!

 Then, I made 2 little ornaments to go along with it.  I tried to match the colors, so it would be a set!

I hope whoever wins this set enjoys it!!  There will be a new set every day this week so please visit me!!  I am announcing the winners on Saturday!!!

I am also going to be linking up to the Graphics Fairy's Brag Monday!! 


  1. Oh wow, Daniella, of course people would want your awesome pieces--Or you can send them straight to me! LOL I can't even believe you talked about me as we always have so much FUN dreaming up our "Lucy and Ethel" ideas!!

    These creations are GORGEOUS!!! and soooo special!

  2. oh hun how can you dare say that people would love,your tags hun I should know as I have seen your work in the flesh,so no more of that nonsense,remember you have been told lol,these are amazing hun just brilliant you are such a talent hun,and do not forget it,love hugs cherylxxxx

  3. Very cute Daniella, I'm glad you are having fun creating! Hugs Marilou

  4. Cute tag Daniella and I just love your little xmas ornaments!

  5. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want some of your work! You are so talented! Those paper decorations are totally amazing! X

  6. how cute is this? luv, luv, luv tags!

  7. Hi Danielle, I just stopped by from Graphics Fairy. I love your tag and ornaments. I just hopped through your blog a bit and have to say you do lovely work, Cindy is right, anyone would be happy to receive a piece!

  8. Daniella,

    This is so adorable!


    Your giveaway is on my sidebar

  9. Of course we want your work Daniella! You produce some gorgeous cards and tags.
    Love today's tag and ornaments.
    Hugs xx

  10. Of course people want your work Daniella, its beautiful! That is a great tag and the ornaments are really pretty too.

  11. Of course people will stand in line for your work, it is beautiful and this is no exception! Best of luck with the giveaways!

  12. Oh I love the bright colors on these! You are so talented!!

  13. Your tags are works of art! I love the snowman and the fun details.

  14. Hi Daniella,

    I've just become your newest follower. Cindy told me about your beautiful artwork and I came over to see myself! She's an expert judge, and right!

    Your art is beautiful and any of us would be proud to display it!

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  15. These are adorable, Daniella!

    Ricki Jill