Monday, March 11, 2013


This is so exciting!!  My friend Marit is hosting a virtual trip to America!!  It is such a fun idea!!  She is stopping at all of the states for 2 weeks.  HERE are all the details.  It is a very clever idea.  She actually lives in The Netherlands, so "visiting" our country virtually is fun.

Since I live in New Jersey, she is "staying with me" for her visit here.  I took her all around New Jersey and my post for her party is posted today.  I wrote about the things we can do, and a lot of fun facts about New Jersey.  For example, did you know that Newark,, NJ is the city with the most stolen cars in the whole US! More than NYC and LA combined!!

I know you will love my tour of NJ so please go visit Marit and read all about "our" visit!!


  1. Daniella you are sooooo funny. I don't thing Newark would want to be famous for auto thefts. However I did not know that factoid so I thank you. After all I am the "Maven of Minutia" so Mr. C says. How fun to virtually tour America. Welcome to Marit. Happy Trails to you...

  2. Thanks Danielle, for your warm welcome! I'm so glad to stay with you for two weeks and my-oh-my will we have fun!

    Thanks to Createology too, for welcoming me to the States. My trip has only just begin... so exciting!

  3. What a fabulous idea! Enjoy your trip Marit!
    Hugs xx

  4. What a cute idea! Send Marit to Alabama, LOL! We leave our car keys in our cars down here.