Thursday, May 2, 2013


Yes I did!!  We got him on Monday.   He is a little "Shorkie", 4 pounds and almost 12 weeks old.  Sooooo cute!!   We named him Spike.  I call him Spikey usually.

They are not the best pictures.  It is hard to get a picture of a puppy who is always running!
Marshall is holding him.  What a sweet face!

 When he is lying down you almost think he is a rug!!!

 Since my mini dachshund Zip will be 9 in September, I thought he would love a puppy!

 He is sticking his tongue out in this action photo.  Maybe I was wrong about him wanting a puppy?

It is a little hard for Zip to adjust, but so far we are doing fine.  Spikey is just the sweetest puppy ever.  He already knows his name, and the meaning of the word NO.  It is a good beginning!  And he likes to give me lots of kisses.  I'm so happy we got him!!!


  1. I WANT ONE!!!!!
    What a sweet heart they both are so cute, lucky lucky YOU!!!!

  2. He's so precious, Daniella! I know you are just eating him up. I'm just wondering what a Shorkie is...I guess part Yorkie but what else?


  3. Aw bless, he looks so sweet. I wish I could cope with a puppy as I'd have loved to have started from the start and train it but I can't and it wouldn't be fair but that's why I've got Baxter who will be 8 this year. It's nearly 2 wks since he's been with us and he's settling so well. He's loving, trained and such good company.He is my first dog so I am learning all the time but he forgives me if I get it wrong. Wishing you many happy times with your fur babies! Take care Zo xx

  4. Oohhh, how fun! I am more of a 'cat-woman' myself, but your puppy looks very sweet Danielle! Enjoy!

  5. Zip and Spikey are both adorable little fur-children. How funny Zip is sticking out his tongue. These two will keep you busy. Puppy smooches...

  6. Love your New Puppy and Zip will love the companionship too :)
    Congratulations on your new addition to the family xx

  7. He does look like a rug, be careful you might sit on him by accident. LOL

    Congratulations nothing like a new pet to brighten everyones day.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda