Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hello Hoppers and thank you for visiting my desk this week!!  

If you don't know why we are looking at desks, visit Julia, the Queen of this party!

Here is my desk.
Of course, my badge is there.  I also have stamps, a pencil, inks and tools.
And in the box is the prize everyone commented on last week.  Thank you all so much for visiting me!!  WOYWWers are the BEST!
The winner is

Create With Joy!

Congratulations!!! Please email me ~drhayes1770 at yahoo dot com~ your address so I can send you your prize!!

Thank you all so much for playing everyone!  I hope to have another giveaway soon! 


  1. Ah there is that beautiful heart you have in giving away stuff, congrats to Joy, she will be so pleased to receive. Hope you have had a great week and a productive creative one too.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 2

  2. Congratulations Joy. Enjoy your new goodies. #13

  3. Congrats to Joy.Hope she loves her wunnings
    Judy #27

  4. Happy WOYWW.. Well done Joy.. Helen 17

  5. Hi there. Just popping my head round the door to say hi.
    Thanks for the peek into your creative world today.
    Hope you have a good week too.

  6. Well done to Joy.

  7. Hurrah for Joy! That parcel looks sooo interesting! I do hope Joy is going to let us see what's inside! Love and hugs to you and what a generous desker you are! Julie Ann xxx #33

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos and bright blessing to you and yours. And again I love when I hit your page.. I just totaly love the pinks and the theams!!! love it ! maks me smile.
    Roberta 68

  9. Congratulations to Ramona at Create with Joy. Blessings!

  10. Hi my friend! I haven't been around much lately (not here nor anywhere else on the internet...) - still fighting off my demons and I had a rough week(s)... things look brighter today so here I am, playing along with woyww and visiting YOURS first! I also scrolled to see your former posts - I LOVE the art journal page 'Wings'... beautiful!! Hope you're well... hug from Holland, Marit #84

  11. Congrats to the winner!!! :-) that was very lovely of you on the giveaway. Brigita #88

  12. Interesting bits and bobs going on, hope the prize is well received!! Take care Zo xx 79

  13. Well, congrats to the winner.
    Krisha #4

  14. Oh, I just adore a giveaway! I offer them on Wednesdays as well! Check it out! Love the webpage design (first time stopping by)
    The Craft Donkey

  15. Congrats to Joy on winning your giveaway! Is that Pink Persimmon Stamps I spy, can't wait to see what you are working on with those. Have a great week! Danie #31

  16. Congrats to the winner! :)
    Daniella, I like the stamp with the man with the umbrella! I have seen him on cards, and like him.
    Happy WOYWW!

  17. have a good week and well done to the lucky winner also spied your 'wings' journal page below its stunning have a good week crafty hugs Andrea#35

  18. Thanks so much Daniella - I am so thrilled to win!
    I will e-mail you now with my info!
    Happy WOYWW to you!

    Create WIth Joy #1

  19. Exciting looking desk with the surprise on it - congrats to Joy. have fun this week.
    Margaret #42