Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I got a package the other day from Yasutomo & Co.  I love designing for them, they have the most awesome art supplies!  In the package was the new Mineral Paper.  This paper is like nothing I've ever seen!  It is normal looking paper but it is super smooth.  It almost has a wet/clay feel to it but folds and creases beautifully.  Writing on it is awesome!  I did some doodling and the smoothness makes your pen gracefully slide across the paper!  It is available now and will be on the website *above* next week!

It says "Easy to Fold and Water Resistant" on the package.  I tried the folding and doodling.  So now I decided to use the water on it.

I started with my Niji Splash Ink.  I only used yellow and blue.
I put the paper in my cardboard box  fancy spray box.

I filled a mister with water and sprayed the whole piece of paper.  I used A LOT of water.

I left it for about an hour, and sprayed the heck out of it again.

One more spray.  I really wanted to know how water resistant it was.

Clearly, it is water resistant!  Normally when you wet paper this much the fibers break down and cause the paper to warp.  This paper stayed perfectly flat.

But what about heat?  I dried the ink with a heat tool.  Not only did it not damage the paper but look at the beautiful way the inks dried on it!

I had a project planned and almost finished when I got this paper.  But this paper is so amazing I decided it deserved it's own post!

*sorry for the flash.  no sun here for days!*
It was just too pretty to do anything else to it!  Just Splash Ink, water and Mineral paper.  This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!  

I bet you can't wait to try it!!


  1. Fabulous post, and TFS how amazing this paper is. It is going on my wish list.

  2. Your experiment with mineral paper and floods of water with ink are beautiful. I must get some of this paper. I love the polka dots. Creative Paper Bliss...

  3. wow! the paper is totally on my wish list ... fabulous!!!

  4. WOW! is right, this looks like magic paper for sure. I will have to investigate when it hits the web site.
    Thanks fro sharing, love the effects you got with your play time.......fantastic!

  5. That is really impressive. I like the finished project very much. I will show this to the artist in our house!

  6. Wow! This paper is super cool! Thanks for sharing! :)