Thursday, July 3, 2014


Being on the Susan K. Weckesser Design Team is so FUN!  Susan always inspires me!  This month, she spoke about "seeing the world with New Eyes".  When I look out my window to my back yard I see many wonderful things!  I have a beautiful yard with green grass and mature trees. A stream runs across the very back of the yard.  The nature is wonderful here!  Deer and their babies walk across the lawn, no worries.  Squirrels and wood chucks that you would think were domesticated they are so leisurely!  And MY NEIGHBOR'S BLACK CHAIN LINK FENCE! grrrrrr.

So I used my New Eyes and thought, what if it was a fancy fence, something you would see in a very old Victorian home.  And what if it was pink?  HHmmmmm.  That would be awesome!

I created this art journal page, with that thought in mind!
I love art journaling and have several art journals that I rotate.  I started this art journal page by adding some old book paper.  I layered some paints from Bella Acrylic in Dynasty, White and Turquoise.  Then, I included a mask from Ranger/Ideaology called Borderline to the bottom.  Wouldn't that be an awesome fence to see everyday? 

Next came some bubble wrap and spray paint can lid stamping in white.  On top of that I used 2 of Susan't awesome stamp sets, Heartfelt Warmth (the house) and Fly Away (the kite).  I went around some of the house and kite with a white paint marker and added the quote.  In the second picture you can really see my dream fence, LOL!!

Do some fun art journaling today!!  Try it with New Eyes!!



  1. I love this!! Love the colors you used, the quote, stamps and the idea of a pink fence!!!

  2. Oh Daniella I love this page and your beautiful pink fence. My Grandma taught me to always "look at things with different eyes". I have missed your posts my friend. I am so glad to be home and reading my favorite blogs again. Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss...

  3. I love this.. you are a lucky gal to live with that back yard.. except for the fence.. I will have to try to "look at things with different eyes"
    Laura D.