Monday, March 9, 2015


This week, Tombow is having a fun "Lettering" week on the blog!  Lettering is sooo fun!  This is going to be AWESOME!

Here is my finished Lettering piece.
I love lettering!  I think it is a beautiful art form that I can only hope to master one day.  I still have much to learn. Using the Tombow Dual Brush Pens makes lettering so much easier!  The brush tip is perfect for long strokes and the fine tip is perfect for those fine lettering lines.

I started my lettering by dividing my paper into a grid.

As you can see, my letter A has a guide so I know how big to make my letter. I did this for the whole alphabet.

When I was done, I had 2 squares left, so I made some flowers with my Dual Brush Pens. I used the red to outline them and pink for the inside.  Then I used my blender pen to pull the color into each petal.

Here is my finished lettering again.

And here is a close up.  I like to add dots or shading to my lettering.  I used some dots around each letter.

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you visit the Tombow Blog and get inspired by the wonderful lettering you will find there!!

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  1. Great job Daniella!! I love messing about with lettering too, so I might have to hop over to the Tombow blog and check out the challenge.
    Thanks for sharing