Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Oh my heck!  I am still sick!  Small felt better by Friday, but I still felt awful.  Then, Monday morning, half of my face would not stop leaking!  My eye was tearing, and my nose running like a faucet!  It keeps alternating between sides and it's hard to even type this because I AM LEAKING!!!!!


I feel like a very bad blogger and I am sorry!  I miss all of you and hopefully I will stop leaking soon!!!


  1. Hugs and sparkles Daniella. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Thinking of you. xx

  2. well hope the leak soon stops, lol, take care!

  3. I am thinking of you! Get better soon!


  4. Wishing you wellness fast. I am leaking too. Allergies bad in Ky. right now.

  5. Should you call a plumber? Get your leaks fixed and feel better dear. We shall await your return to creative awesomeness. Healing Hugs...

  6. Hello Daniella,

    I was wondering where were you...So sorry to hear that you are ill. I also suffer from allergies from time to time.
    This year the weather has been so crazy that it hasn't been too bad. We had Spring, Summer and Winter temperatures here.
    The good part is that {and this is just to make you laugh a I hope...} that I get to wear all my favorite clothes at the same time! Ha, ha, ha!
    One day pants, another day sandals, another boots. Woo Hoo! :o)

    Get better! Because we all MISS YOU!


  7. OH MY! You poor thing! What a terrible way to enter spring . . . I hope you're getting SOME relief and back up and about soon!

  8. I hope you are feeling well soon, Daniella! I wonder if it allergies combined with a cold...xo Diana

  9. Bless you....I do hope you feel better soon. Seems like more and more these days, the sick bug is lasting longer and longer. Drink some hot tea and get lots of rest..
    thinking of you.

  10. Oh dear... I hope you are feeling better by now... do you have enough towels? You can't have enough of them (you can spray-ink what's left of it later, you know?!) Sending good vibes and a big hug your way!

  11. Oh poor you, that sounds terrible. I hope you are soon on the mend.

  12. Feel better soon!!! Try Zyrtec, it helps me

  13. Awww my friend, i hope you seen feel better. Sending prayers, I am sorry i havent been around much either, have been sick and lots of the same old thing with caring and hospital visits.
    Sending warmest hugs to you though, and praying you soon get a much deserved break from all of this
    love June x

  14. Dear Daniella, so sorry that you are sick. Seems like that can just hang on and on.
    Hope you're are feeling lots better real soon!

    Hugs, Maki

  15. Bless your heart darlin' I do so pray that you get rid of the crud soon and very soon. Stinkin' crud!!!

    Here's sendin' some big old hugs and healin' prayers your way sweetie!!

    God bless, take care and please get to feelin' better! :o)

  16. How are you doing kiddo?? Any improvement?