Saturday, April 7, 2012


HAHA!  Get it?  "Peeps".  Like people?  get it?  *snort*.  Oh, I crack myself up!!!

OK.  So what a crazy week to get back to blogging!  I am doing my thing, catching up with all of you (if I haven't seen you yet I'm workin' on it) and I realize on Thursday that it is Easter on Sunday!  With all that's been going on, I lost track of time and haven't bought anything for Easter!!!!

My boys aren't "young" anymore.  They are young to all of us (12 and 15) but they aren't young like believing in the Easter bunny young.  That being said, I still make them baskets and hide eggs with candy and money in them.  We are dying eggs tonight too.  

I had to grocery shop, buy our Easter ham and all the trimmings.  Then buy stuff to fill the baskets with.  Candy, a video game each, a book each and other little things.  I almost forgot to buy grass for the baskets!  ugh, I was like a lunatic getting everything together.  But, I made it!  Almost 4 O'Clock on Saturday and I did it!!  AND, got a chance to make this blog post too!  HA!  I am very proud of myself indeed!! LOL!!

To all of you, have a most awesome Easter!!! 


  1. LOL -- I'm right with you! I didn't realize it was Easter this week until LAST Sunday when I found out it was Palm Sunday!! Only one of my 'girls' is home this year but I still fill a bag with candy and yes, money too and she had to hunt for it. She's 20 :) We're going to friends for Easter -- I'm glad since our other daughter is still studying abroad and it would have been just 3 of us :( Hope your Easter is beautiful and blessed!

  2. you have been busy, my kids are 36 34 and 30, they always have to have easter treats too!!!
    Have a wonderfilled Easter weekend!

  3. Daniella! LOL-The PEEPS here get it! I surprised myself by getting Easter shopping done a few days early this year. That is scary...because usually I end up the night before scrambling to get it all together. Maybe blogging has tightened up my schedule so that I can be part of the "show and tell" aspect of blogging. Blessings to you and your two boys and family- Happy Easter- xo Diana

  4. Now you need to relax and enjoy the blessings of Easter. Make family memories and eat those chocolate bunnies...

  5. Happy Easter Daniella! I love the pink peeps.


  6. Daniella, you are so cute. I hope you have a happy Easter, my friend!

    Ricki Jill

  7. oh love the pink peeps,Hun happy Easter hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  8. You are so funny!
    I also didn't realize this weekend was Easter until About Thursday. DOH! My kids are grown though, so no goodies isn't a biggie. I did go out and grab a ham for dinner though :D

    Happy Easter!

  9. Happy Easter Daniella -- love those peeps! :)

  10. Whoo Hoo way to go! Sounds like it was a good weekend.

  11. Happy Pink and Happy Easter too!