Friday, November 9, 2012


Since I've been back online, I have seen a bunch of blogs making Gratitude Books.  From what I hear, November is ''Gratitude'' month.  I know this is the month of Thanksgiving, and on that day we give thanks, but I didn't know it was a whole month of gratitude.  

But it makes sense.  Why only one day of thanks?  Unfortunately, I don't think we spend enough time being grateful.  With jobs, bills, families, responsibilities, who has time to be thankful?  Some of us go to religious services every week, and we give thanks, but it is only one day.  I am guilty of being ungrateful.  I admit it.  After seeing so many people and so many blogs talk of this Gratitude project I knew I had to do this too.  I used to keep a positivity journal, but dropped the habit lately.  Time to get on the thankful, positive train I think!!!!
I've had this little album book for years.  I think I bought it at a convention years ago.

I had to fold and make more pages for it.  As you know, mono-printing has been my new favorite thing.  So, while I did the backs of the pages I made the other day, I added some paint from my credit card to these pages.  And stamps, and everything I could think of!!

These are the pages that came inside the book.  I did the same treatment to these pages, and I then glued the new pages to it.

This is today's page.  My super awesome son's brought me home perfect report cards!  I am very grateful, and very proud!!

This is yesterday's page.  I was grateful that my husband came home really early, and took me to lunch.  He works too much and I miss him!!

I intend to keep going, and even do the first 7 days.  I have written things down that I am thankful for for 5 of the days.  I have to REALLY think about the other 2.  I can't remember what was special on those days!  Of course there are the usual, my family, my life, my faith, but I am trying to go with that one special thing in each day that sets it apart from the "normal".  I will be showing the other pages in this book as I go along.  I hope you will join me in keeping track of your grateful things this month!!!

Last, but not least, I am grateful to Altered Arts Magazine for giving me a chance years ago when I was trying to get published.  They have enjoyed my work for years, and I a truly grateful for that.  Now, I get to work for Altered Arts Magazine!  I am truly grateful for that too!  And I made these 3 ATC's for them.  I used papers and embellishments from Pink Paislee, a Prima flower and pearl embellishment, and game pieces and ephemera bits from my own stash.

Thanks for bearing with me through this long post.  I hope you remember all you are grateful for!!!


  1. I am grateful for blogging friends like you Daniella. Congrats on the Magazine and I love your journal.

  2. I am grateful you did this sweet post here today. It makes me feel more connected to you when I hear all the things you are grateful for. I am happy hubby took you to lunch! Bonus!!! xo Diana

  3. What an excellent idea. It is so easy to overlook the little things that make our lives special. You have made me think!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful idea on the book! Congrats on being publish!

  5. Awww... now I want to make a gratitude book. I'm thinking I might make it out to be a smash book... or an art journal. We'll see! Thanks for the inspiration! Stop by my blog.... I have candy!!

  6. Love the idea of the Gratitude book! I may have a new project I have to do for the day!! I love your blog!