Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello everyone and welcome to my desk!  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Check out Julia's blog to find out!!

I got wonderful news yesterday.  Remember the stacking boxes project I did?

I sent these pictures to Melissa Frances because they are made with almost only her products.  I got an email this morning telling me thank you for sending them the project and they were putting it on the Melissa Frances Blog!!  I was so excited that she liked it!  And her Senior Creative Director, Carolyn Peeler, wrote me such a sweet email telling me about the project going on the blog.  It is so nice to be appreciated and get such a thoughtful email.  Please go check out the  project and the lovely write up they gave me!!  Just click the link above.

And this is my work desk.  I have been sick since last week and have done nothing. ugh.  If I didn't write you back or leave a comment this is why and I am so sorry!!!!!  I promise to reply to each and every one of you this week!!!

Thank you for visiting!! Enjoy the rest of the party!!


  1. Hello Danielle,

    Congrats!!! Beautiful boxes tier. You go girl!


  2. Your boxes are stunning. I hope your feel better soon. #98

  3. Congrats with the boxes but I can see why! They are stunning. Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 117

  4. Congrats for the feature on Melissa's blog! I will hop over to see if they treat you properly (haha) and give you all the credits and all... I hope you get well soon dear! Love and hug from HOlland, Marit #85

  5. Beautiful work. You must be very proud

  6. Congratulations, Daniella! I am off to check it out! Sorry you have been sick..and hope that you are much better now- xo Diana

  7. Congratulations but well deserved your project is gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for popping by my blog. zAnne x # 84

  8. Sorry to hear you have been sick...that certainly can curtail the creative process!

    Congratulations on getting published on the Melissa Francis blog. That is just such great news!!!

  9. Hi Daniella, glad you;re feeling better, and congrats on the stacking boxes project going on the website, they look beautiful!

    happy woyww

    Debs #90

  10. Huge Congratulations Daniella Dear. Your altered boxes are dreamy and they look fabulous. How exciting to be featured on MF's blog. You are really rocking the creative journey my friend. Healing Hugs for you to get well! Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  11. Hi Daniella, Get Well Soon :)
    LOVE your stacking boxes, off to see them on the blog - Well Done its a super achievement.
    Happy Heather Heather x

  12. This is stunning, well done.
    Karen #192

  13. Gorgeous project! LOVE those flowers. wow! Wishing you a great weekend. SueC#94

  14. Congratulations, Daniella. A really fabulous project! Your altered boxes are absolutely stunning!

    Have a great Sunday!
    Gaby xo