Friday, April 4, 2014


Using Splash Ink as watercolor paints is so awesome!  You have every color you could imagine so there is no need to buy tons of paints.  I painted this little canvas with Splash and detailed it with other Yasutomo Products.

Faber Castell Canvas Kit from Altered Pages

I got my Splash Inks and my color chart ready and made a really soft pink, a darker pink, an orange yellow, a brown yellow and a green.  

I painted the soft pink on the petals first. 

Then I blended in the darker pink.  The cool thing about Splash is that it is easily blended with water.

I went over each petal with my white marker and put dots on the petals.  Then I used my PermaWriter to make dots in the center of the flower.  I added a few white dots too.  The black backing came with the kit.

Try using your Splash Inks as watercolor paints.  You will Love the results!!


  1. its beautiful, I've never heard of this!!!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful... as usual. I will be email you soon!!

  3. You and Splash Inks are amazing. This canvas flower is beautiful and very real looking. Love the added beads. Creative Ink Bliss Dear...

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