Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I made this paper napkin background for the Fall 2013 Altered Arts Magazine.  I've been hoarding it since then, just waiting for the perfect "something" to add to it!

Today, I am sharing a Doodle I made using Yasutomo Mineral Paper (which I am obsessed with) and Gel Xtreme markers.  The markers glide over the mineral paper so smoothly!  It is a wonderful combo to work with!!
If you LOVE to doodle like I do, you have to try it with roller ball pens/markers and mineral paper!  You will LOVE it even more!!



  1. This is awesome! Gosh, you are so talented!! Yes, I received your email and wrote you back about two days later. No, Brenda and I are not legally married (it's not legal in Wisconsin.... yet)... we only have a Domestic Partnership (the only thing legal in our State).

  2. How pretty! I have never heard of that paper before, so I will have to keep an eye out for it. I haven't used a paper napkin either, so now I am going to be paying more attention to them!