Thursday, October 30, 2014


Sometimes a silly card is the perfect thing to make!  Just something to make the recipient smile :)

My baby, my first born, turned 18 this week.  This is still blowing my mind!!  18??  And even though he can vote for the leader of the free world, and is a college freshman, he is still a kid.  He LOVES zombies and video games and movie nights at home.  Such a sweetie!  So I made this card for his birthday because I knew it would make him laugh.
Just a little something to make him smile!  I used the perfect paper for the job, Moxxie's Zombie Attack line.  I made the base and crackle layers of the card from both sides of the Dead Man Walking paper.  I used the Zombie Hunter sticker on top of the red paper and distressed it.  The black flags are also from the sticker sheet.  I used bakers twine to hang them from.  I thought he would get a giggle at being called a Zombie Hunter, and he did!!

Make something silly today to make someone smile!!  :)


  1. beautiful card, perfect for you boy! Happy 18th birthday to him!!!!

  2. Aren't we the lucky ones who can create and make something for someone and really make them smile?! Great card. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes...