Thursday, May 19, 2011


What's up!

I have recieved 3 awards recetly, and I haven't put them up yet.  I have no excuse for it, I just didn't get to it!! Bad me.  I did put up the first one from Cindy.

And now, I am putting up the second/third one.
This one was from 2 different blogs, and because I am late in posting it, how could the other blog know?  So, a special thanks to Misty and Eve  and Dee.  You are all AWESOME!!!!

This award does have rules.  They are:

  1.  Thank the person who gave it to you, and link back to them.  Check!
  2.  Tell 7 things about yourself.  I'm workin' on it!
  3.  Pay it forward and award the Versatile Blogger to your recently discovered new blogger's.  I'm workin' on this too!

OK.  7 things about me.  ???????  I should name 14, because I got this twice, but I won't.

I only drink coffee with coconut creamer.
I am allergic to bees, yet I still love the outdoors.
I love the smell of paper.  Scrapbook, magazine, books, all of it!
I have 2 sons that are getting too big too fast.
I will be married 20 years this September.  Yes, I was a child bride.  I was 3 20 years ago
I would rather be bare foot than wear shoes.
I am a homebody.  I'd rather be home than anywhere else.  I love my house and my yard, why would I want to go somewhere else???

Now, to award.

Crystal and

Laurie  Because they are newbies like me!!

That is the part I hate about awards.  As much as I like to do this, not everyone does.  I see more blog than not with an "award free" sign on them.  It is so hard to figure out who to give them too!!  I like getting them, writing some things about myself, all of that, but giving them is just too hard!!!  So, I hope that  the 2 bloggers I gave them too enjoy them!!  But, if they don't do awards, SORRY!!

THANK YOU FOR GIVING THEM TO ME!!  I THINK YOU ARE ALL FABULOUS!!  My awards will be on the sidebar from now on, so everyone can see them!

My spell check is not working.  If I spelled stuff wrong, ugh. what can I do, stupid blogger!
Enjoy the rest of the week!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by Daniella and Congrats on your awards, I have to run, I have my 5 year old busy Granddaughter today! Hugs XOXO Marilou

  2. oh my gosh ,, thankyou!I've only been blogging about a month and don't know anything about awards,, I'll figure it out ,, Thankyou what a sweet thing,,

  3. what kind of award do you give me,, see I'm so new I have no idea!Is their a blogging book for dummies to learn this stuff?

  4. Hello Daniella,

    You well deserve them because you are a super blogger!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. You deserve a bunch of awards dear!!! And you are very popular ánd wise for your age...!!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on your awards.Well deserved.

  7. Hi Daniella,

    Three awards is fantastic! I enjoy your blog and you.

    I never thought about the smell of paper. :-)


  8. Congratulations on the awards, Daniella! You and I have a few things in common-especially the child bride part and the aversion to wearing shoes! I think the smell of new magazines should be made into a candle scent :)
    Hugs, Terri

  9. Hi Daniella...visiting you from over at Laurie's place...Such a nice way to honor someone...
    Congratulations to you as well...Enjoyed your blog and will be back soon...
    Have a Blessed evening.

  10. just me saying thanks again for the visit today,,hope your day is a happy one

  11. just me saying thanks again for the visit today,,hope your day is a happy one