Sunday, May 22, 2011


Good news, right???

It is time for the weekly newbie party at Debbie Doo's Blogging and Blabbing!  Don't know Debbie?  Click the link and check her out!!  She is a "newbie's" dream and a first rate blogger!!! 

I am showing something I made for ArtChix Studio's bi-weekly challenge.  The challenge is to use at least one postage stamp on your project.  I have several ArtChix collage sheets, and I used some of those images.  I can't be sure they are all stamps though.  But, I can say that at least one is, and the others are from the BonVoyage collage sheet, so they may be stamps, or tickets, I can not say.  As soon as I saw the theme, I thought twinchies!!  Twinchies are little pieces of art, that are only 2 inches by 2 inches. 

I made 5 of them, because they are so small.  And, I like odd numbers!  I started with cardboard that I always have.  I hoard cardboard!!  Love to use it!!  Anyway, I cut the cardboard, and painted it with some watered down cadmium yellow paint.  Then, I attached the stamps.  I then used my fine tipped Sharpie to add some lines across them.  Like a used postage stamp.  But, I had to have more.  So, I used my white Sharpie paint pen and made dots.  Still not enough, so I wrapped them with some pink bakers twine!!

Here are a few close ups.

The Eiffel Tower one is my Favorite!!

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Have an awesome day!!

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  1. Thanks Daniella. Those are really cute, and I loved clicking on the picture and making them larger, I saw all the little details. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  2. i love cardboard and odd numbers too :)
    ...and these are just precious!
    found you at debbidoos

  3. you have more crafty mojo in one pinky than I have in my whole body,,

  4. Wow, Daniella... your Twinchies are amazing! I always learn a new craft word from you! I love the Eiffel Tower one- it's my favorite too!

  5. Wow...what a cute idea! I love them! I'm visiting from Debbiedoos and am now following you.


  6. I have to say you are very patient, Daniella, to take the focus and time to create such lovely little pieces. Wow. Fun ideed. :)

    And yes, I'm so glad we get more time on this planet!

  7. HI
    The most amazing texture and detail.

  8. Love the stamp idea. Thanks for posting!