Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hi bloggers!!  I hope you all had a very fabulous Mothers Day!!!

My weekend was nice.  Spent most of it at home, trying to finish up the house projects.  They never end.  I can (and probably will) take a picture of each room here, and there is only ONE SMALL THING LEFT TO DO!!  Like, a piece of trim missing, or a small door, or...  Hopefully, before I MOVE AGAIN, it will be in my usual neat and orderly fashion.  until then, ugh.

My Mothers Day was wonderful.  My "men" did wonderful by me, as they always do.  I am very blessed!!

For my mom, I made a tag.  With gifts too!  But I make her a handmade card for every holiday, and she loves them, but every time I make a tag she is like "Ooooo!  Can I have it???"  and I have to say no!  So, I made her a pretty, but simple tag, in her favorite color blue.

I wrote a note on the back.  I told her I think she is amazing, and she should remember that she is.  This tag is a little reminder for her.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!  As grandmothers, mothers, fur mommies, or just a fabulous person enjoying a great weekend!!

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  1. You are so sweet Daniella. I always know I can take a visit and leave with a smile. That is such a pretty tag, and I am betting your Mom loved it. Glad your men spoiled deserve it! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  2. wow, I didn't know you were a newbie a real pro you are.I love you tags and its so sweet taht you made it so special for her,,

  3. Love the tag Danielle!!! No wonder your mother loves those - you turn every tag you make into a little piece of art!

  4. Daniella, your tag is so pretty. You are one talented lady! I know your mom loved it.

  5. Hello Daniella,

    Love this sweet tag!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  6. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift for your mother. It is something she can keep and look at often and think of you.

  7. What a sweet daughter you are! I love those blues!

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Daniella.

  8. Sweet tag you made for your Mom, love the colors. Love those prima flowers, that is my favorite style of those flowers too. Reminds me I need to get more before they discontinue them. Have a wonderful week sweet girl. Hugs Marilou

  9. yes I'm back to your beautiful blog again,, to thank you for your lovely comment.I'm so new to blogging I don't know if i'm suppose to answer you here or at mine,,I some e-mail each other,, I get some e-mail comments but I'm having difficulty getting some to go,, anyway,,,, thanks for the compliments on my daisies,,

  10. Daniella,

    Your tag for your mother is stunning. You’re so good at making them!


  11. The tag is a gift in itself. Daniella- it's really gorgeous! I'm glad you had a wonderful Mothers' Day!

    P.S. House projects never end for me either!

  12. The tag is fabulous. Thanks for coming by Market Monday. new follower!!

  13. It is open through Friday. It's opens each week on Tuesday evening at 8pm EST and runs through Friday at midnight. Gives everyone enough time to join in if they want.